Piya Ka Ghar Pyaara Lage On Sahara One

Ashok Kumar Nirbhay

After Pinki’s bidaai all the guests and relatives leave except Angad and Urmila. Everyone in the house is aware of Pinki’s misplaced ornaments and Bittu is held responsible for the same. In such a tense situation Bittu’s another lie is disclosed when Sejal’s father, Hasmukh reveals to her that Bittu is unemployed. Sejal’s parents take her home from her in-laws place and Bittu is also asked to leave the house by his father. Bittu fails to prove his innocence to Sejal while his mother Rano declares that she will not eat anything till her son returns home. Sensing trouble in the family ties, Urmila takes advantage of the situation and tries to convince Rano against her daughter-in-law Sejal.

Meanwhile Sejal files a police complaint of the missing jewellery so that she can prove Bittu’s innocence. She also searches for the jewellery at various places since she is very sure that Bittu is falsely accused. Bittu is staying at Prakash’s place and his mother Rano carries food for him and also tries to convince him to return home. But Bittu is adamant and declares that since he is out of his own house and his wife Sejal has also left him he should even leave the city and go far away. On the other hand Sejal feels lonely without Bittu and her in-laws. Back home Rano’s condition worsens as Harbans finally agrees to call back Bittu. As Bittu returns back he brings a glass of water for his mother and hugs her. At that moment even Sejal who had gone back to her home returns along with the misplaced jewellery. 

But the overall situation has left a very bitter taste in the inter-personal relationship of the family. Rano for the first time assumes Sejal’s love for Bittu to be fake and starts trusting Urmila’s viewpoints. This also creates a vacuum in relation between Rano and Sejal and the situation leads to a point where comparisons are drawn between a mother’s love for her son and the wife’s love for her husband.