34 less road accident deaths in Delhi in 2016 as compared to 2015 -Sanjay Beniwal Spl Commissioner operations, Delhi police

Delhi had minor reduction in fatal road accident deaths during the year 2016 as compared to the year 2015, 34 less lives were lost . About 1548 people died in road accidents during the year 2016 as compared to 1582 in the previous year 2015.

“ Delhi had 7375 road accidents during the year 2016 including 5698 simple one’s and more than 7000 people got injured in accidents during the year 2016 “ said Mr Sanjay Beniwal, Special Commissioner, Operations, Delhi Police speaking at a day long seminar on ‘Pursuing 4Es for Road Safety – in the Mission Mode’ organised by the International Road Federation, a global body working for better and safer roads world wide.

“Delhi residents only work under pressure and under fear of punishment, this was witnessed when under Supreme Court order, all Blue line buses started following lane driving . Supreme court had ordered confiscation of buses not driving in lane for one month .” said Mr Beniwal.

“ Delhi Traffic Police will soon install high definition cameras, optimized real time signal’s, variable sign boards, and centralised command control centre across the national Capital to enable Delhi Police to assess real time traffic volume and capture images of even small objects causing obstructions on arterial roads, taking traffic monitoring of the city to a new level.” Said Mr Beniwal

“Delhi Police will soon have high definition CCTV cameras and traffic monitoring and management technologies installed at various important locations other than the existing connected to the monitoring room at traffic headquarters through direct radio link with the help of directional transmitters or receivers. The high quality video from these technologies will also help in detecting traffic violations at the chosen locations, thus promoting traffic discipline” said Mr Beniwal .

Delhi, being the Capital of India, is one of the fastest growing cities, which has witnessed unprecedented growth of both human and vehicular population over the years. Today, the population of Delhi exceeds 175 lakh (approx), vehicular population is approx 90 lakh and road length is 33,198 km. Traffic management in Delhi is a herculean task for Delhi Traffic Police. The task of traffic management has become difficult due to mixed traffic on the roads, unplanned growth of the city, lack of pedestrian facilities, erratic behavior of road users, shortage of parking spaces and unsatisfactory road conditions,” added Mr Beniwal.

“Removing accident black spots, taking small engineering measures and use of technology including Intelligent Transport System (ITS) can help in easing traffic in the city in a big way,” said K K Kapila, Chairmnan, International Road Federation.