Eminent Vastu consultant  GIRENDER BHARTI

In  present age of electronic gadgets and devices and social media distractions  there are so many factors responsible for the proper growth and development of children. People are so much concerned with this issue that they are able to do anything they hear ,see or advised to keep their children from illness and bad habits.

Vastu, the ancient  science of architecture as well as science of keeping Five elements of nature n their right positions plays a very crucial role in this phenomenon because as an adult we have to remain away from house for our work and other duties but children remains in the house most of their time. If the house has Geopathic Stress or has some Vastu defects which disturbs the cosmic, global and telluric energies of  the place , than it is very harmful for the growth of children and residing in this type of house for a long period can disturb their future growth also.

Children have different energy from adults because they embody new life and vitaliy. The best location for a child’s bedroom is on the East side of house.the East side of the house is influenced by the energy of Sattva, which supports new life and growth, so it is ideal for children. North-West direction is also suitable, especially for daughters. Both of these directions are influenced by the active energy of Rajas, which is appropriate for children, who may spend some time each day playing in their bedrooms.

While reading, doing projects,or other creative activities children should sit facing the east, as this will enhance their mental capacity. They can also face North and North-East but should avoid the West and never be allowed to face South at all. The desk or table should be kept away from the North-East corner by leaving a small gap.

 While sleeping children should do head towards East and legs towards West. Head towards East helps in a sharp intellect and retention of what they have learnt.

As we all know that the cosmic energies related to the head of the Vastu Purush and to the North-East zone of a house. This deals with the range from the top of the head until throat and with the mental level of the inhabitant’s bodies, also with creativity, inventiveness, learning ability, spirituality, clear mind, power of concentration, persuit of harmony and peace, religiousness , contentment with life etc.

Now you can realize how much important is the North-East sector of your house for the desired growth and development of your loving children.

 Defects such as:

·       toilets, kitchen, bedrooms, stores, transformers or electric meters, septic tanks in North-East,

·        Noth-East floor level high,

·        North-East roof high compared to rest of the building,

·       North-East cut, etc.

 can create contamination in cosmic energies of house. It is very detrimental for the mental peace, clarity of mind, concentration in studies and learning abilities of the inhabitants. As the children are very delicate and sensitive than the adults,they suffered more from these defects.

Another important factor we can check is Geopathic Stress. Kathe Bachler, an Austrian teacher and devout Christian, has more than anyone else alive today, proved beyond doubt, through personally dowsing 11200 sleeping places in the 3000 homes throughout 14 countries, that Geopathic Stress is a common factor in all major illnesses.

Kathe Bachler’s survey also revealed the astonishing fact; out of all cases investigated, 95% of children with learning difficulties either slept or had their school desks(or both) in strong Geopathic Stress places. This was the result of checking the sleeping and working places of thousands of children who had difficulties at school. Most improved when their beds or desks were moved to neutral (GS free places).

Geopathic Stress affects children in various ways such as : tiredness and lack of appetite in the morning, moodiness, lack of concentration and unsatisfactory schoolwork in relation to the ability of the child. Children may seem lazy, depressed, slow to learn or backward, some show hyperactive tendencies, are disruptive in class, difficult to handle, aggressive and stubborn. On top of all this , the child may sleep poorly, have nightmares and wet their beds. It seems as though all the strength and vitality has been drained away from the child.

It is so important that children have restful sleep, away from GS, so they can be at their best at school. If your child has any of the symptoms listed above, try letting the child sleep in a different place. Some schools in Austria move the children around the classroom at regular intervals to avoid the possibility of any one child spending the whole school year sitting at a desk in a GS place.

Girender Bharti is a Building Biologist and a scientific vastu consultant , doing research on the effects of under earth negativity (Geopathic Stress) on long term illnesses, and he welcomes your queries at .