Turning and Twisting your way to Fitness

Aerobics and Zumba have been a part of my life for the last seven years. Aerobics tones the body, gives it extra strength, makes it fit and healthy and is a perfect stress releaser making you happy by acquiring a slim and graceful body. All of us want to wear the ‘little black dress’ and have the perfect figure. Aerobics and Zumba are the right way to get it.

Aerobics and Zumba are a combination of music, dance and exercises. Cardiovascular exercises in gym can get monotonous and boring. As Zumba is a group activity, it helps in socializing and it is a perfect choice for workout for all ages of people – elderly, young crowd and small children. An hour of Zumba involves Latin American dance movements, really making you sweat and burn fat, dancing throughout.

Aerobics involves all-over body movements. Cardio exercises which elevate the heart rate such as Jumping Jacks, V-Step, Squats and Skipping are designed to work on every body part. Equipment like dumb bells, gym balls and steppers are used for toning.These are not dance steps but there is more emphasis on muscle strengthening and toning. Weights are an important part of Aerobics which help in toning the muscles and getting rid of the extra flabs.

There are several gyms which offer Aerobics and Zumba packages. Having a trainer would be the best way to learn group aerobics and Zumba but if you are not fortunate to get one in your area, then there are amazing apps on phones and YouTube. There are many free apps on iPad like Cardio free app which explains multiple exercises.

Zumba has fast gained popularity in India. It is the newest sensation in metro cities. It is a dance for fitness-folks which helps to reduce weight. Zumba music has both fast and slow rhythms which help to work-out for longer periods of time. In Zumba, you don’t have to get all the steps right but you should actively do all the steps to lose high calories. The dance styles of Zumba are salsa, cumbia, meringue, cha-cha, mambo, flamenco, samba, and tango and shuffle steps.

The initial classes are divided into two basic levels. Basic level one focuses on four rhythms –meringue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton. Basic level two adds four rhythms – belly dance, flamenco, tango and samba.

There are eight different types of classes for different levels of age and exertion. Zumba Gold mainly targets the older population for improving strength, mobility and coordination. Zumba Toning is cardio workouts with toning sticks. Zumba Toning targets the abs, thighs, arms, and other muscles throughout the body. Aqua Zumba is Zumba in a swimming pool. Zumba in the circuit is the dance combined with circuit training.

Zumbatomic is for children between the ages of 4 and 12. It has the same dance and music styles as a regular Zumba Fitness class, but has routines designed specifically for kids.
A typical Zumba session burns between 500 and 1000 calories.

To be fit and having a good lifestyle is important. Along with Aerobics and Zumba, maintaining a healthy diet will increase the effects greatly.

Siddha Kudchadkar
MS Engineering Management, Syracuse USA
Email: siddhakudchadkar@gmail.com