Vedic Mathematics is useful for everyone in day to day life

In modern times the life has become a calculation. So, mathematics plays very important role in human life. But Vedic mathematics is much more productive than a normal mathematics. Vandana is MBA from Melbourne Business School, Australia by qualification. She is working with several organizations in India and Australia. Vandana aspires to make Math as simple and enjoyable as possible for everyone. Recently, our Editor Mr.S.S.Dogra took an exclusive interview of Ms. Vandana Arora who herself is an expert in this field. Let’s chalk it out:

Swami Bharati Krsna Tirthaji

What is Vedic Mathematics? Where and when was it invented? Who was the inventor?

Vedic Mathematics is a system of Mathematics rediscovered about 100 years ago in India. Sri Bharati Krsna Tirtha Ji (1884-1960)popularly known as ‘Jagadguru’ reconstructed the system of Vedic Mathematics from 16 Sanskrit Sutras (aphorisms or word-formulae) that were given in “Ganita Sutras” in the appendix of Atharva Veda,between 1911 and 1918. These Sutras are like patterns; one can see one or more pattern in a given calculation and use the appropriate Sutra(s) to get the solution quickly.
The techniques used in Vedic Mathematics are unconventional and different from the Mathematics that was practiced by earlier Indian Mathematicians like Aryabhata, Bhaskara, Mahavera, and others.

How is it useful for young students and adults?
Vedic Mathematics is one of the simple to learn systems of Math that converts a tedious subject into a playful one and gives immense satisfaction to its pupils. It provides one line, mental and super-fast methods to calculate and quick crosschecking techniques to verify answers. This combination increases both speed and accuracy and also makes the subject fun to learn. Following are some of the reasons for you to connect with Vedic Mathematics.
• Faster and accurate answers in one line
• Train the mind to do mental calculations
• Reduce memorizing, finger counting and scratch work
• Increase concentration and improve memory
• Learn a set of checking procedures for independent crosschecking
• Very simple, totally unconventional, original and straight forward
• Enriches understanding of Mathematics and enables us to see links and continuity between different branches of Mathematics
• Holistic development of the human brain with multidimensional thinking
• Provokes creativity in intelligent & smart students, while helping slow-learners grasp the basic concepts of Mathematics
• Generates interest in a subject generally dreaded by children
• Great learning for adults – it is fun, new, and useful

What good is Vedic Math for people who are not working or those who have retired from their work?
We do physical exercises like weight training, jogging, Yoga, for keeping the physical body fit. But we hardly do any exercise for our brain. Researchers say that doing Math regularly helps to a great extent in the prevention of developing Alzheimer’s disease (degeneration of brain cells). People who have retired from work usually have spare time to get involved in social activities. They can take up the task of teaching Vedic Math to children in their locality, and enjoy the fruits in terms of their love and gratitude.

Today, we are so much advanced. We have calculators & computers, why shouldn’t we rely on them?
Math is a lot more than just arithmetic calculation. Calculators can help in basic arithmetic calculations. But what about Ratio, Proportion, Fractions, Percentages, Algebra, Geometry, or other such topics? When we use calculators, we unknowingly become dependent on them to such an extent that we end up using them for even adding two-digit numbers. Our brain’s development is arrested once we become dependent on calculators. Vedic Math is a good exercise for brain muscles.

Name any Indian Mathematician who has done remarkably in the field of Vedic mathematics? Is there any scope in the field of Vedic Mathematics?
Dr. Narinder Puri of the Roorke University has been teaching and doing research in Vedic Mathematics for over two decades. Here are Comments by some of the other great Mathematicians of this century:
A.P. Nicholas (UK, 1984) says that the Vedic system is ‘one of the most delightful chapters of the 20th century mathematical history’.
Prof. R.C. Gupta (India, 1994) says ‘the system has great educational value because the Sutras contain techniques for performing some elementary mathematical operations in simple ways, and results are obtained quickly’.
J.T.Glover (UK, 1995) says that the experience of teaching Vedic Mathematics’ methods to children has shown that a high degree of mathematical ability can be attained from an early stage while the subject is enjoyed for its own merits.
Prof. J.N. Kapur says ‘Vedic Mathematics can be used to remove math-phobia, and can be taught to (school) children as enrichment material along with other high speed methods’.

Is there any formal course forlearning Vedic Mathematics?
We cover most topics in Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry in three separate courses- Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. These courses can be either learnt at a stretch or as per availability of time over a period.

Vandana Arora conducting Vedic Mathematics Workshop

What is the duration for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced courses?

The above-mentioned three levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) can be learnt in a total of approximately 60 hrs where 20hrs are dedicated to each level. The duration of each class is about 2hrs. This (can be reduced to one hour) and the classes can be spread over a period of few weeks or daily as per availability of time with students and the teacher both. Outside Delhi programs work out better if organized as daily classes but it is not mandatory. Each student gets a copy of the printed manual that contains material covered in the class and practice sums.

After learning Vedic Math, will the students get confused with the Math that they learn in schools?
Vedic Math teaches different techniques to solve any problem. Once they learn Vedic Math, students feel more confident in doing modern Math taught in schools because they are now equipped with alternative solutions and ways to cross check their answers.

How is it different from Abacus?
Both Abacus and Vedic Math are totally different. Abacus is a Chinese system of doing calculations using a calculating aid. Vedic Math is a subject of Indian origin derived from the Vedas.

Which is more useful – Abacus or Vedic Math?
Abacus has its own usefulness. It can help in doing arithmetic calculations (which was the purpose for its invention). But it has no methods for Compound Multiplication, Squaring, Cubing, Algebra, etc. Moreover, there are no alternate ways to perform a calculation in Abacus, but in Vedic Math, there are multiple ways to do a single calculation.

What is the ideal age for enrolling a child to learn Vedic Math?
We usually start from children of 11 years and above. There is nothing like ‘an ideal age’ to learn Vedic Math. It’s equally helpful for working professionals who need to perform a lot of number crunching in their daily work, like Accountants, Share Brokers, Traders, Professionals. For all those who love and need mathematical skills, Vedic Math is a boon.

If it is so useful, why isn’t it taught in schools?

Vandana Arora
Vedic Mathematics Expert

This is a question many people ask. It is sad that even though Vedic Math originated in India, it is not taught in any school, college or university in India. We are still following the Western educational pattern or learning through logical reasoning instead of developing creativity and intuition. We are very keen on training and encouraging people (especially youngsters) to come forward and learn, use and spread the knowledge of Vedic Math.

Is it useful in day-to-day life and how?
In day-to-day life we need to handle money, do small calculations at work and home mentally, take care of calories that we consume etc. All this involves some juggling with numbers. Mathematics is an unpleasant experience to many mainly because it involves mental exercise. Vedic Math is useful in overcoming the fear for Math and becoming friendly with large numbers in particular.

It is of great help in cracking Scholarship exams. Students appearing for any competitive exam like CET, CAT, GRE, GMAT, Government exams, Banking exams, etc, get 45-60 seconds to attempt a question. Vedic Math helps them to do calculation at a rapid speed.

How to contact you?
It is very simple, you can send me your query at the following email id and able to find satisfactory response. Mobile: 9999657819