Veena Malik Celebrating “Dahi Handi”

Nilofer Ansari

Mumbaikers woke up to the beating of drums on the festival of Janmashtami and here First time Bollywood Actress Veena Malik add a touch of glamour to “Dahi Handi” in India at Worli. She will perform as a Radha between so many Govindas and try to win a heart of people out there.

Veena Malik at Dahi Handi as Radha

Veena Malik said, “I feel very pleasant that people invited me on such a great day of India. It’s a new exposure for me to know about the “Dahi Handi”. I love to be a part of this holy celebration”.

‘Dahi handi’ (pot of curd) is associated with the mythological tale of Lord Krishna’s boyhood trick of stealing butter from a suspended earthen pot. Govindas (young men) form a human pyramid to reach the dahi handi put up at a height and try to break it in a bid to win prizes.Over 400 Govinda mandals (groups) will participate in the ‘dahi handi’ event.

Dahi handis’ are organised every year in several parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra, where prizes running into lakhs are on the offer.