Victory of Donald Trump as US President

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Victory of Donald Trump as US President brings another Deepawali for India where he in his pre-poll speeches even described himself to be a representative of India and Hindus in White House if elected! His other commitments are also in larger interest of global community when he has pledged for closer ties with other super-power Russian President Vladimir Putin ending an era of bitter rivalry to fight against terrorism by some Islamic fundamentalists. Even Russian President Vladimir Putin has reciprocated by expressing happiness on Donald Trump being elected as US President. Global terror cannot practically exist if these two super-powers of world join hands.

Till now, US had a policy of just lip-talk against Pakistan-generated terror against India by continuing giving heavy financial aid to Pakistan. But tough talking by Donald Trump against global terror and support to India raises hope of US being active for setting Pakistan right against all its activities against India.

Even Trump’s declaration for checking immigration to US should be taken as a positive sign to check brain-drain of talented youth from India.