Voting in Presidential elections


Election Commission should make it clear if value of votes of MLAs from different states in recently held Presidential elections was determined on basis of 1971-census or 2001-census. If it was not on basis of latest vailable census-report, then it was indeed a great impropriety.

It was still more surprising that even after introduction of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) for general elections, Presidential elections are still held through age-old ballot-paper system where unfortunately invalid votes are also cast by those who are there to decide for nation and its people. Even veterans like Mulayamsingh Yadav could not use ballot-paper properly at first instance creating yet other controversy to vote through a new ballot-paper replacing the old torn by him.

Time has come that there may be direct contest between two contestants only eliminating cumbersome procedure of preferential voting which is not properly understood by many legislators. It can be done by making it compulsory to obtain at least 34-perecent value of votes for filing nominations.