ARE YOU PROUD of LOCAL AUTHORITIES of Delhi?-Please tell us

Local Authorities of Delhi are New Delhi Municipal Council, North Delhi Municipal Corporation,South Delhi Municipal Corporation ,East Delhi Municipal Corporation & Delhi Cantonment Board. In addition to these, there are some other prominent organisations whose activities/job is very closely linked with the five local bodies mentioned earlier.These are Delhi Development Authority,Delhi Jal Board.All the Delhi`s citizen`s lives are very closely connected with these organisations.Though there are many others too like BSES ,MTNL, & a few more organisations dealing with Slum development, utilities et al -but the prominent ones for providing civic services, are the FAMOUS FIVE.

New Delhi Municipal Council is a nominated body controlled by the Ministry of Home Affairs[central govt],the three other corporations are the elected bodies & DCB is controlled by the Ministry of Defence[central govt].

Delhi Development Authority[DDA] is under the Ministry of Urban Affairs[central govt] & DJB is under Delhi Government]

Then, there is Delhi Police which has traffic wing,too. This is under central government

All these organisations have been entrusted with very important & heavy responsibilties to provide various civic facilities in an EFFICIENT, FAIR & POLITE manner to all the citizens, without any let & discrimination at all times & be equipped at all times, to carry out their responsibilities to the satisfaction of the citizens.

WHAT ARE your EXPERIENCES/VIEWS? Dear Citizens!Pl share.

Vijay K. Saluja
Giraffe Heroes India