M K Gupta

Can you believe that water is costlier than electricity? The situation is such. Almost all the residents of Sahara Society have received bills for the month of April wherein the charges for water is much more than charges for electricity. For example, my electricity bill is for Rs. 1011 while water bill is of Rs 1479 @ 64.30 per unit. The society gets water for few minutes and the DDA gives two-tankers per day at the maximum. For remaining water, we are dependent on private water tankers and they have also hiked their rates in this summer. The situation is such while all the residents have separate water metres.

Apart from the above, residents have to spend for purchasing drinking water bottles, spend on the maintenance of R.O./ Aqua Guards. Those who are affording to live in this sub-city are really lucky and should be proud of it. Government is prolonging the transfer of water to Jal Board from the DDA. One thing is certain, that after the transfer, Dwarkaites will get water on cheap rates and after the water from Munak canal, the scarcity will be over. Cheaper rate of water of Jal Board may be delaying the transfer. The key work of DDA is not to manage/supply water, for which Jal Board is here, but to concentrate on Housing. Let us hope that these will be achieved in 2011.