GreenOlutions an NGO promoting awareness for protection and promotion of Environment organized a presentation on “Water-Wise Gardening”  at AFNO Enclave attended by a large number of representatives of different CGHS.

Mrs. Jyoti Sharma, President of FORCE an NGO working exclusively on Water made the presentation which dealt in detail with recycling of kitchen water for gardening purposes.

Dr. SD Singh, CEO Delhi Parks & Gardens Society spoke about re-cycling and conserving water and gave useful tips for promoting greenery. Wg Cdr P K Dutt, President of AFNO appreciated the efforts made by GreenOlutions in arranging such a presentation. Dr. S D Singh planted a Gulmohur sapling at AFNO premises and took time to explain some finer points of gardening to the AFNO community. 

Dr. S D Singh also planted trees at Sector 11 Gurdwara in presence of the sangat and the members of the managing committee. Speaking on the occasions Mrs. Cicily Kodiyan stressed upon the importance of water recycling and requested the community to help keep Dwarka Clean, Green and Safe.

Dr. PK Datta, President of GreenOlutions spoke about various schemes like organizing Flower Shows, Garden competition amongst Dwarka societies in different categories, arranging Garden training and various other schemes. He also informed that about Rs. 30 lakhs have already been allocated to nearly 47 societies and about 25 more applications were waiting sanction and release of funds from Dehi Parks & Gardens Society.