We are responsible for our deeds

One of the ugliest qualities we have is to blame others for our mistakes and intentional errors. We find it very easy to shift blame on others. We blame anyone who is near us. It could be father, mother, brother, sister, friend, the laundry man, his niece, her boyfriend, the dog or the singing canary in the neighbour’s house. We claim that whatever we are doing is right and everyone else is wrong. No one understands the truth of what we are saying or undergoing. And when we do not find any person to blame, we blame the one who is the easiest to blame – God!

God is blamed by all persons under sun for every misdeed that takes place, for every wish not fulfilled, for all wrongs, major problems and accidents. After all, everything is in the Hands of God! Who are we to say or do anything? God willed it and hence it happened. But when we achieve success, name, fame and wealth, we always claim it to be ours and do not offer thanks or gratitude to Divinity. We fall or rise by our own actions and when we blame God without making efforts or doing our best, we fall from grace. This is the lesson we learn from the story of the garden owner:

There was a man who had a big garden. He had many types of fruit trees and tended to them with love and care. The trees were now laden with delicious ripe fruits, ready for sale and eating at home. The man decided to pick the fruits for selling and with the money he got from the sale, buy things that were needed for his home. He chose one fine morning for picking the fruits. He went to the garden with his son, carrying several large baskets. To his surprise, he saw a stranger sitting on the branch of a tree picking fruits. The owner was angry and shouted at the stranger for picking up the fruits.

The stranger on the branch looked at the owner and did not reply. He continued picking the fruits. The owner was very angry and shouted again. For several years I have taken care of these trees, watered and protected them and waited for this day to pick fruits. Are you not ashamed of stealing my hard work and fruits without seeking permission? Come down at once!

The stranger on the tree answered: This garden and trees belong to God and I am His servant. So I have the right to pick these fruits and you should not interfere with any work of God. I will not come down but continue with my service to God.

The owner was surprised at the answer of the stranger. He wanted to teach him a lesson and thought of a plan. He asked his son to fetch a rope. Together they pushed the stranger down using a stick and then tied him to the tree. The owner started hitting the stranger with a stick. The man began to scream: Why are you hitting me? You have no right to hit me!

The owner paid no attention and continued beating the stranger. The stranger screamed: Fear God. You are beating an innocent man. I am a servant of God!

The owner replied: There is nothing to fear. This stick in my hand belongs to God. I am also a servant of God. You should not interfere in God’s work and stop me!

The stranger screamed: Stop beating me. I am sorry for taking the fruits without permission. Please forgive me. The owner smiled and said: I forgive you since you have realised your mistake. But remember that God has given all His servants brains, understanding, free will and capacity to do hard work. Every person is responsible for his own deeds. We cannot blame God for everything.

Indeed, let us accept responsibility for our own actions. We can shift the entire blame and blessings to God only when we surrender unto Him in full. Surrender is possible only by grace. Let us earn Grace of God through SitaRam mantra, meditation and practising the teachings of the Guru.

( As told by Omdasji Maharaj to his disciples)