Where is Dwarka in Dwarka Assembly Constituency?

Matiala Constituency-biggest constituency of Delhi.


Matiala Constituency covers the major part of Sub-city but where is Dwarka in Dwarka Constituency.
The door to door campaigns, public meetings, visit of prominent leaders/celebraties are the talk of the town.
The candidates from different constituencies are convassing the residents of their area and pointing out several problems and making promise to overcome all the existing problems when they come into power. The National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT) will go to the polls this month to elect 70 legislators to the Delhi Assembly. Voting will be held on November 29, 2008 and vote counting will take place on December 08, 2008. These assembly elections along with the ones in 4 other states are expected to be a run down to the forthcoming general elections in early 2009 that would test the political temperature.

The forthcoming Assembly elections will be held as per the new format recommended by the Delimitation Commission, and the equations in Dwarka are in for drastic changes. As per the new changes Dwarka no longer is the pride of Palam Assembly constituency. There are now three Assembly seats whose jurisdiction will extend into Dwarka. Sector 1, 2 and 7 will falls under Palam Assembly constituency, Sector 8 and 9 falls under Brijwasan, and the rest of Dwarka falls under Matiala, the newly formed Assembly constituency. 90% of Dwarka will be part of Matiala constituency which includes Sector 3,4,5,6,10,11, 12, 13,14-23. Besides, Matiala Assembly Constituency (No.34) covers covers 4 corporation Wards, namely, Matiala, Chhawla, NangliSakaravarti, and Kakroula. This constituency has 2,34,181 voters, with 204 polling booths, including 31 Villages with 59,303 votes, besides 99,261 votes from 74 colonies, 264 societies + DDA Pockets of dwarka with 61,414 voters, three J.J.Colonies with 14,203 voters. Matiala will be biggest constituency of Delhi in terms of area and number of voters.

Sub-City Dwarka, the first fully developed Hi-Tech city of Delhi. It has mainy attraction such as broad roads, district parks, sports complex, metro rail connected with Cannaught Place, International & Domestic Airport, proposed/expected metro upto Airport soon, ISBT, International Convention Centre, embassies, Commonwealth Games 2010, Hi Tech Exhibition Centre, Hospitals, Prominent schools, Engineering/law collegs, Universities, Five Star hotels, commercial colleges, shopping malls, District Court, FICCI, Football house etc. According to Dwarka constituency (NO.33) it includes vaishali, sadh Nagar, syndicate Enclave, Dabri
Extension, Sagarpur, Dasrathpuri, Sector-1 only. Dwarka Assembly Constituency having 140 polling stations, 1,30,536 voters.

The following candidates from different parties are contesting from one of the most highly literate constituency of the country.

Mrs.Kamaljeet Sehrawat(B.J.P.-Kamal), Mr.Sumesh Shokeen (Congress-hand), Mr.Manoj Bhardwaj(BSP-Elephant), Ms.Anita(Samajwadi Party-Cycle), Mrs.Nidhi Mahajan(Bharitya Rastrawadi Samanata Party-Torch), Mr.Ranjit shokeen(Lak Jan Sakti Party-Bangla),Rao Satbir singh Yadav(Independent-Gas cylinder), Rao Ramanand(Independent-Ceiling Fan), Mr.Puran Singh(Independent-Kite), Mr.O.P.Sharma(Independent-Jug), Mr.M.R.Tyagi(Independent-Hat), Mohd. Manjoor(Independent-Cot), Mr.Randhir Singh (Independent-Cup & Saucer), Mr.Anil Jindal(Independent-Railway Engine),Mr.Rakesh Kumar Bubey(Independent-bat).

The fight between Kamaljeet Sehrawat of BJP and Soumesh Shokeen -Congress will be interesting because they both are doing door to door campaign and they both belong to villages nearby sub city.

Kamaljeet Sehrawat is a resident of Guru Apartment, Sector 6, her family into politics and social activities. She is an academician, with M.Com and BEd degrees an advanced Diploma in Computing. She has been a PGT (Commerce) and has taught at Kendriya Vidyalaya,Sector 8, R K Puram, Shalimar Bagh and a number of leading private schools.
She is hailing from Ambrahi village(Near Sector-19), one of the many villages skirting Dwarka, her family has been a staunch BJP supporter and her father has been a village pradhan and active in the political arena. She has been Vice President Zilla parishad, Najafgarh and Member of Governing Body of Matiala.
She feels that it is to her upbringing and place of residence that has given her a unique advantage that she can relate to both the rural folk as well as her co-residents of Dwarka. While Kamaljeet has a concrete set of priorities on her agenda, issues such as price rise and security are some areas that would need immediate focus. She says, “ Dwarka possesses excellent infrastructure, but the biggest challenge is to maintain this. What is needed is better coordination between the various civic authorities and departments, something that I’ve always admired during my visits to western countries like France and Switzerland. Proper coordination can make a lot of difference here as well. “

She is good human being and deeply committed to social welfare, religious activities and community services, Kamaljeet is Secretary, Satsang Mahila Mandal, Ambrahi, Secretary Prachin Shiv Mandir and also Asst. Editor of a newspaper, Line of Dwarka. She has also regularly organised and participated in a number of programmes organised by the RSS and VHP as well as an active campaigner for the BJP.
Extremely approachable and accessible, Kamaljeet is presently Director, Genius Commercial and Educational Institute, Dwarka, which helps prepare students in the process of getting admission to foreign universities and visa formalities. .

Soumesh is a man with a mission. Youngest candidate from Congress, Soumesh is into active politics for a decade. An undergraduate from DU, Soumesh was General Secretary of Youth Congress in 2000. His commitment for contributing towards the development of Dwarka is visible in his thoughts and action. A very active and vocal person Somesh fought election from Palam Vidhan Sabha but lost only with a small margin. Soumesh belongs to Chaawala village near Dwarka and now he has a flat in Dwarka. Soumesh feels that the educated lot has always stayed away from getting into the cauldron of politics and therefore their voices get lost. He firmly believes that this mindset needs to be changed and a lot can be done with the cooperation of the educated citizens of Dwarka and hopes that as an elected representative of this area he can put a lot of his schemes and thinking into actual practice. Says Shokeen, “What needs to be done is to come upfront and take charge of the situation. The person at the helm should be one who understands the problems of the area and be a part of the development process. Till now, our political system has been such that both citizens and the leaders have been alienated from each other and real issues never get addressed. This problem can be solved if someone from the area takes upon himself or herself the task of representing the citizens.”
Talking about his election manifestoes Somesh says that the issues and problems facing Dwarka are not new and each one of us is aware of these. Citizens of the Dwarka subcity are looking forward to additions, improvement and an overall upgradation of civic facilities in the subcity. He provides, “The citizens feel that it is imperative to have a holistic view of the need to improve the existing facilities and plan for the future. My wishlist includes solving water problem, improvement of roads, mode of transport and providing civic amenities in unauthorized colonies. Although all issues have a direct bearing on our lives, as residents of Dwarka, I feel that certain issues need priority handling. Doing something to alleviate the water problems is one thing that needs urgent attention particularly with the onset of summer. The Dwarka sub-city has been developed by DDA over a 56 sq km area. It has been designed to provide housing to a population of around 10 lakhs. The projected water requirement as per DDA is around 60 MGD. Obviously, there is an ever increasing demand for this vital commodity. There is no proper intersector connectivity in Dwarka and road transport problem is there. I’ll take this as my priority.”
On why people should elect him, Soumesh says that he belongs to a highly reputed family of the area well known for social work. He himself has done lot of social work and has established one to one rapport with the citizens. He feels that he strikes the right rapport with fellow citizens and is not alienated from them and hence he ideally fits the bill.

Let us wait and watch who will win the biggest and prestigious constituency of Delhi
Let us try for 100% voting in Dwarka area.
Judge candidates with their experience, behaviour, commitments etc.
Not just by political party, cast, emotion etc.
Be courageous to use your intelligence so that U feel yourselves responsiblefor the FUTURE. Do’t BLAME others for the future.
FUTURE is the result of our PRESENT deeds.
Source: Dwarka Parichay news & information services