Why AAP Constitution Cheats? -Appeal to Chief Election Commission of India.

Rakesh Manchanda

Media shocking story is that AAP removes the tag Swaraj from its Constitution without informing the members. Why are old die hard promoters of Swaraj who claimed it as its birth right now scared of its own manifesto that helped them win peoples support? Poor Leader-Volunteer equation in a party with a difference led to an activist suicide in the recent AAP Farmer Rally.
Worst victims are women volunteers as evident from the past one year in Kumar Vishwas unfair treatment which forced media trial because of life threats to the victims as claimed by her on Channels. Yogender Yadav and Prashant the two expelled members claim that this matter was given to internal Lokpal but Arvind Kejriwal blocked it and finally removed the Lok Pal-Admiral Ramdas. This incident re-opens the poor Volunteer-Neta relationship in AAP with no fair hearing/grievance mechanism and misuse of constitution. A party that came in power with demand of Lokpal and protection of constitution removed their own lokpal who was supposed to settle such pending matters after Lok Sabha elections.

Majority always suffers and are recycled if they rebel.`We the people` remain divided. We get reduced to a paper waste as a packaging `Kachra` dirt for the decision makers. There is nothing wrong in getting reduced to a waste provide there is betterment in the dreams but there should be a mechanism for fair hearing within the party.

Ordinary members like me had last human right option of an appeal to the Chief Election Commission as follows.

The Chief Election Commission of India.
Sub:Appeal dated 9th.April-2015, against misuse of AAP registered constitution

Based on the wish of several AAP members, activists, overseas Indians and well-wishers of the Aam Aadmi Party allow me to submit this appeal to you as all other inhouse appeals have failed.

You as our CEC stand as the first Human Right Agent in India of my Political Party-AAP.

I am one of the early members of AAP.

Having served my party since Anna Movement in India as well as abroad, I am investing full time and my money in AAP Delhi works since past two years.

It was sad that on 2/9/2014 for making my pending demands visible of inner democracy and for equal rights to all members, I was forced to sit on three day fast with my other colleagues after seeking police permission at my party head office,40,Hanuman Mandir Road, Cannaught Place.

My fast with others was broken on oral assurance of equal rights to all members in line with the constitution.

Post holders in my party gave me future assurance in the new Lok Sabha candidate first introduction meeting of Sh.Raj Mohan Gandhi-candidate called on 4/9/2014 late evening by APP in East Delhi.

Later my written prayer(hard and soft email copy) for equal rights to all members was accepted by Sh.Atul Gupta MLA candidate as the grievance committee head of Vishwas Nagar-AAP but till date there is no action.

Why should members in AAP be treated with no grievance hearings ?
My supporters consider the hurried and non transparent decision taken with regard to Lokpal Admiral Ramdas, Sh Prashant Bhushan,Sh Yogendra Yadav,Prof Anand Kumar,Prof Ajit,Sh.Rakesh Sinha,Sh.Vishal Sharma Lathe and several others as most unfortunate. This deserves to be withdrawn and the long pending new inner democracy mechanism should be initiated as per the constitution of AAP registered by your good office. The action taken against these leaders has exposed the infirmities within the party’s Constitution which empowers only few to decide. Several members feel that autocratic decisions taken by the national conveyor in PAC followed by NC meet is not in the interest of the party and the inner democracy and so such recent actions of AAP National convener should be deemed as null and void by your good office.

On behalf of all member as stakeholders known to me in Delhi and in India, I urge you as a neutral stakeholder to intervene and kindly direct Sh.Arvind Kejriwal ji our National Coordinator to cancel all his illegal decisions of removing the members taken without no proper house chorus and summon all members in future to take necessary steps to protect the Constitution of AAP registered by you in letter and spirit.