Delhi Quarterathon – Junk the Junk Food Campaign of CSE

“If we’re not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn’t settle for junk food.”
~ Sally Edwards

The morning breeze of October 14, 2012 acted as a catalyst for Sri Venkateshwarites as Sri Venkateshwar International School was a willing participant in the Delhi Quaterathon. The excitement was palpable as the students reached before the allotted time i.e. 5:00 a.m. and that too on a Sunday morning. The shining faces of the students were the source of motivation for teachers accompanying them. The team was welcomed by the team of CSE. 

Students were really excited when Mr. Rahul Bose, actor cum activist approached them to capture the enthusiastic faces in camera. It enhanced their spirit for Quarterathon and their willingness to leave or to avoid the junk food as much as possible. Many of them were willing to run with Mr. Bose for 7 miles but had to make to with a distance of 5 kilometers as they were the part of ‘Happy Run’ category, in which they had to run a distance of 5 kilometers. 
The ‘Happy Run’ flagged off at 6:30 a.m. and students started with ardent vigour. Himanshu Srivastava (X Strawberries) and Anirudh Yadav (IX Raspberries) were adjudged under top 10 and will be awarded and acknowledged for the same. Students’ enthusiasm got an impetus when they received medals on completion of ‘Happy Run’. The school was acknowledged by Mr. Rahul Bose for being part of such pertinent cause. He addressed the students to not to have junk food on regular basis. It was a great source of inspiration for the students’ community present there, when he declared that he had never ever had wafers in his life and not consumed any aerated drink from past 10 years. Sri Venkateshwarites also pledged to avoid the consumption of junk food. It was a great learning experience for the gen next.