Nandini Singh 
Sri VI School, Dwarka

No one bothers about me, no one cares, 
Where ever I go, I get the cheap stares,
On the road, I walk with my head down,
Why should I be targeted in this town?

I can’t travel about or visit the malls,
Why always the whistles and the catcalls?
Why the touch without my consent?
I am a being not an object for your contentment.

Why should I cover my face and stay locked at nights?
And you guys can do whatever you like?
Why you keep on staring me like hawks? 

Why do you follow me from home to bus stops?

Why can’t you get that when you tear my clothes
You don’t tear only them but also my hopes
You tear my innocence, you tear my pride
You tear my heart, you tear my life.

Do you remember you to have a sister?
It can even happen with her mister
And the cycle will go on again and again
Many sisters will cry in agony and pain

In a country where women are prayed
Why do I feel like I am someone’s prey?
Why do I have to face the hungry eyes?
Why can everyone see my bodies but not my cries?

I may be charming, may be out going
That is the reason I am prone to your wrong doing?
If every day I have to go through the same phase
I feel it is better to burn my face.

Why should I be taught all the regulations?
Why should I undergo all the restrictions?
Was it I who made you rape me?
Or it was you who forced yourself on me?

Why am I being blamed?
Though because of you my dignity has been claimed
No one does anything and you room free
And the person responsible is just me

Wherever I go, whatever way I dress
A NO means a NO and a YES means a YES
I was born as a girl but that is not my fault
I too have a right to live, just like all
I too have feelings, I too have emotions
Please stop slaying me for your satisfaction.