Children day celebration in Dwarka

Children day celebration in Dwarka

Launch of new project for children
Teach Them Young project
(for weaker society children )

Date: 14 November, 2011 
Time: 3 p.m. onwards 
Attraction: Puppet show & children’s talent show
Venue: Mount Carmel School, Sector-23, Dwarka
Contact: Raji Kurup – 9718570989
                                              About Teach Them Young (TTY)

The basic idea of setting this social organization is to bring an awareness among the children who are at school to Know the values of What is Right and What is Wrong  at the right time and right place , and what better place can it be but the schools.

School Teachers are burdened with so much of day to education as the standard and level of teaching having increased that they do have little time to tell or teach the children about small negative attitudes of students and rivalry among students, vengeance among student’s arrogance and aggressive behavior resorting to criminal activities drugs etc.

Of reason the developmental and behavioral disorders are increasingly widespread, they are still poorly understood by most in the society. The lack of knowledge is further compounded by the stigma that often accompanies a diagnosis of a developmental or behavioral disorder. Parents, teachers, physicians and police can help in educating the students and others about the range of disorders, as well as the opportunities for treatment, intervention and awareness. An early teaching to the students to imbibe the right values are essential for achieving the best possible outcome which could save a student / youth from leading a wrongful life.

As a part of TTY objective to work in partnership at grassroots level with schools and voluntary organizations to raise the awareness on issues which affect marginalized children everywhere.

OUR Vision: Seeing a
better tomorrow.
Our Strength:
Students / Youth our Future citizens / Leaders.
Our Motto: Together
we achieve and make the difference
TTY will on regular base organize workshop on the following
which will help in the development
Promote the development of positive energy and help the
youngsters to change his/her thought patterns and perception by way of conducting various
competitions and classes in schools and societies like drawing /painting ,street
plays , sports music ,dance etc.
TTY will be conducting regular classes on crime once a
fortnight in every school with the help of the local Police for students in various
TTY will be conducting regular medical camps.
TTY will conduct regular behavioral check up with the
cooperation of the school Principle and parents.
TTY will conduct parent child inter generation camps on
regular basis
TTY will conduct regular camps for children of weaker
section at regular intervals.
All professional from each field will assist in the
development of this organization and TTY will lead a team at various private, govt and MCD
schools to conduct workshops and awareness classes.