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Kind AttentionSh. Mahabal Mishra &
Sh. Jagdish Mukhi

Now that you both have technical think tank , we expect a quick assurance/ reply about
our problems/ issues at DWARKA FORUM.

Please reply/ comments to this message & you could win hearts (VOTES) of Dwarkaites.
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Dwarka Forum is a platform to solve the Civic Problems of the Residents of Dwarka Sub-city and works as a Networking Platform for 1950-strong RWA / CGHS Representatives as well as eminent residents of Dwarka Sub-city. The mission behind the Forum is to make Dwarka an Ideal Township, to fight for common cause & seek solutions of day-to-day civic problems of Dwarkaites by raising awareness among the Residents & by taking up issues with relevant authorities.
Keeping in view for better Dwarka, Dwarka Forum draw the attention of the contestents for MPs to go through the following points.

1. Acute water scarcity in Dwarka in terms of availability & unequal distribution
2. Frequent electricity breakdowns. Poor street lighting
3. Non-existent public transportation between different sectors
4. DTC’s poor & infrequent connectivity to West, Central, South Delhi & Gurgaon.
5. Deteriorating Law & Order in Dwarka- Need Police posts in every sector with enough police personnel
6. Poor traffic management. Need traffic lights at more intersections & more traffic policeman.
7. Public Hospitals –Delay in multi-specialty Hospital. No General referral Hospital in Dwarka
8. Authorised Vegetable / Fruit markets in different sectors
9. Regular sweeping of all roads / footpaths. Mechanized Night Sweeping for main roads
10. Proper Parking facility including multi-level near commercial markets
11. Recently, Dwarka Court & DCP-SW offices have become functional in Dwarka. For the convenience of Dwarka residents, offices of South West zone / division of DDA, MCD, RCS, RTO, etc. should be shifted to central Dwarka
12. More Public Convenience outlets should be opened throughout Dwarka sectors
13. Permanent disposal for Construction/Repair Malba in all sectors.
14. Public Library
15. Recreational facilities like Cinema halls / Multiplex. More sports complexes.
16. Multiple Community centres in different sectors
17. Development of Dwarka Delhi Haat and Cofee Home
18. Completion of Bharat Vandana Park
19. Currently, Dwarka citizens & nearby areas are required to vote for 3 MLA’s & 2 MP’s. Dwarka constituency should be unified & should represent genuine Dwarka citizens.
20. There are Encroachment on Public Land in Dwarka.
21. To maintain unique character of Dwarka Sub City & address its unique problems, Dwarka Municipal Corporation or Dwarka Development Council should be created on the lines of NDMC & DCB.


Thanks & Regards,

Dwarka Forum
Dwarka Parichay Team

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-I could not find a good candidate
– It’s hottest day of the season
– All are criminal/ corrupt
-No matter if only I do not vote
-I do not like politics/ not interested
-Any body wins all are same – selfish
-My daily routine will not be affected by selecting a candidate
– Long time – I have not seen a movie

Avoid these excuses for not going to vote.
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