N.K.Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka is not just not laying bench marks in the field of academics, but it, on a very regular basis, encourage students to learn about safety at the time of any disaster. Various Drills used to be organized in school throughout the calendar to impart students this knowledge. This year on 11th, 14th and 15th July 2014 Fire Safety and Earthquake Drills were conducted. The drills were conducted under Fire Safety Incharge Mr. Sujit Kumar. He along with other teachers and students on duty ensured that all drills gets over safely and more importantly on time. Students were given lessons by the class teachers about safe evacuation and immediate action plan during any disaster. Class IX and X were taught Disaster Management through various innovative projects on a regular basis as well. Mitigation strategies were also taught to them. Fire and Earthquake Drill was organized on 15th July, 2014 as per the instruction of Hon’ble Chairman, Public Grievances Commission. Valuable lessons on how to tackle fire and relevance of Drop! Cover! Hold on! Drill during earthquake was given to students regularly. 

While conducting the fire safety drills the following points were also ensured by the school:

– Students assembled at the designated place with proper rows embarked class-wise. There was no confusion.
– Teachers had done the head count of students.
– Students had come out in proper line without much noise.
– Every staff member co-ordinate well for the smooth functioning of the drill.
– Building was evacuated in short reasonable time avoiding lethargy and lack of sense of participation.

Standard Operating Procedure was followed for safe evacuation.

Lessons being imparted in assembly ground on Drop! Cover! Hold on! Drill in case of Earthquake by Mr. Sujit Kumar