Youth must learn humility and decency

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

It is needless to say that all prosperity, success, and peace are dependent upon good virtues of human beings. People with bad qualities loose inherited ancestral wealth while those with ethics and virtues open thousands of paths of success in spite of living in pathetic conditions. The good qualities of a virtuous person make him a talented personality. And people with pleasant personality and high character keep achieving success in life.

In the growing stage the main focus should be on earning virtues. We gain knowledge that’s good, gain good health by exercise and outdoor games that’s fine. Learning different forms of art and skills is also appreciable. However, it is of utmost importance that the moral values and good virtues should be obtained and practiced with high alertness and speed at this age. If one scale of the balance has knowledge, intellect, physical health and wealth and the other has good virtues than definitely the scale with merits and virtues will be heavier. People without virtues are actually embodiment of problems. He will sow thorns for himself on each step and give trouble to his family, and will create thousands of problems in society. Even if he gains abundant wealth, it will be misused in bad deeds and destructive path. Such people gain infamy, hate, criticism and finally face miseries of hell.

Today parents are annoyed, teachers are sad, friends are angry and deep inside, you are concerned about your own self. The reason for all this is increase in bad qualities. Just like high fever, the increase in the tendency of crossing the limits is dangerous. In short, whatever be the methodology, whether sweet or bitter, make sure that you teach your children to be noble, dignified, hardworking and see that they use their discretion to adopt the right path. This is in their interest as is in ours too.