Nitin Gadhkari Model Cheats Honest Business Houses

Rakesh Manchanda

When a Director is shown on papers in a company there is an allowance support for his transport /car/ mobile/ office and so on. Driven by power and greed, Nitin Gadhkari Purti scam shows how `selected` Model companies in India and overseas are run.

Nitin Gadkari unfair business ambitions has landed himself in more serious trouble. Allegations with false PAN numbers show that he has set up a maze of dummy and benami companies.

Sharpest attack on the BJP chief have come, not from the Congress, but from a BJP faction that wanted Mr. Gadkari to get replaced and then he was forced to resign as the BJP President.

Last week Nitin Gadhkari has filed a case on Arvind Kejriwal demanding evidences of his corruption.

Let us see how AAP is officially handling this Nidin Gadhkari Business Empire exposure. AAP Media on their websites have put eleven exhibits as evidences to show how on one side farmers are committing suicides in Vidarbha and on the other hand BJP’s National President Nitin Gadkari was worried about `held up` payments of companies building dams.

In Part 1 of Nitin Gadhkari Pol Khol this column published my write up as to how frauds involved in building the companies on paper with paid drivers, paid bakers, paid pundits and astrologers as company Directors are shown. Pol Khol exposes a trick of twisting and bending company laws which is not new. This trick is practiced by several business houses who bribe the work inspectors, accumulate black money and buy their silence.

In Nitin Gadhkari Scam dubious crossholdings and funding patterns, was exposed intelligently by media. Nitin Ghadkari is not an ordinary Bussiman but is a well informed Role Model of BJP that controls future dreams of many Indians.

This case study is not a plain Pol Khol of unfair work culture with or without a real work contract but it represents many powerful manifestations of work protocols. Work culture with less productivity and lesser participation in the wheel of production can be easily seen by scratching Nitin Gadkare Business Pol Khol.

AAP legal cell and Political Committee must continue to support the similar stories of indigenous and overseas employees send by Indian companies workers with no contract papers and no insurance and no medical security and even the basic privilege of free food sovereignty as declared by government of India as mandatory to all overseas employees. This protocol is never enforced by our Governments in Indian companies where powerful investors buy and bend the laws.

Link between Power and the Powerless ;

How will India progress if majority workers are shown invisible or aliens in modernisation growth story of investor`s sentiment?
Work format from top to bottom is designed to have no link with productivity.

Neo-Capitalism appears good on paper but where is the Government Role ?
How will General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR) as advocated by experts become a holistic capitalist solution to plug match fixing is hard to understand. There is no social audit and transparency for Public while hundreds of dummy companies get floated say as magnified in case of Nitin Gadkari- Ex-President-BJP.

AAP route to fight Corporate Corruption cannot work without connectivity of the whole system and overall reforms in shape of an Industrial revolution. A better reform with more participation of grassroots people can save the situation and protect the honest business companies.

In spite of the huge noise made in the print and visual media about the anti corruption movement in India and work equality, the ground reality is that there is marginal improvement in the situation.

This means that street demonstrations, debate in television media, seminars , comments in twitter , blogs and face books cannot take the movement forward the way the anti-graft Help lines contributed.

The biggest gain of Helpline was that the common man had stated taking risk to challenge corruption at all levels during 49 days rule of AAP.

Challenge in India starts when Police unlike in Africa or America fails to entertain the complain of no minimum wages payments to domestic workers and no contracts or false contracts.

No contract and no employment code in India is a fashion. Indian investors dare to send even the overseas employees without any contract because of weak regulations.

Nitin Gadkaris and Robert Vadaras in India must never be allowed to bend laws at the cost of majority workers. It will be unfair to call the Nitin Gadhari as a Political scam because it is a planned loot by a political party`s role model.

The system is controlled by business mindset of India where twisting of laws and no contract to most of the employees has been evident and the employees in the business team are reduced to dirt.

There is no social audit and transparency for Public while hundreds of dummy companies get floated each day for easy money as seen in case of Nitin Gadkari- President-BJP.

No change in Indian political DNA or any `corporate business governance` without kicking out the `Robert Vadaras` and `Gadhkaris` is possible.

About author : Has worked in India and several countries as Director Executive and now is full time supporter of AAP in Delhi and North India monitoring the historical people movement for a Swaraj.