M. K. Gupta
By one vote, a Govt at the Centre had fallen few years ago, by one vote, English became national language of the USA, by one vote, Adolf Hitler became the ruler of Germany, this was told by Mr. Ashok Chaitanya while telling the importance of one vote and exhorting the Dwarkaites for 100 per cent voting. In a meeting at Dusshera ground, sector 11, Dwarka held on 12 th April, Mr. Chaitnaya, Advocate and member of Mg. Committee of Dwarka Forum said that those whom we consider illiterate are better than us because they understand the value of their votes and therefore, the winning candidate cares for their demand and we get ignorance.

Ex-CBI Chief, Mr. Joginder Singh, said the incompetent leaders are elected only because we the competent voters do not cast their vote. He said that though the maximum voting is no guarantee for electing of good leaders but it ensures that our voice will be heard.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. D.P. Vajpayee of Dwarka Lok Kalyan Manch had gone in to the history of naming the Dwarka constituency, which does not, comprises any sector of Dwarka. He told that this was on the basis of 2001 census when in Dwarka; there were only about nine thousand voters only. Ironically, now the name of this area is Matiala while the position has changed and he will continue to rake up this issue.

Mr. Mukesh Sinha, Mg. Editor of Dwarka City paper, convened the meeting. Other speakers included Mr. M. C. Mathew, Federation of CGHS, Mrs. Cicily Kodiyan, President, Neighborhood Ladies Association and Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal of Khatu Shyam ji Association. They urged to vote and persuade other residents for voting for achieving the target of 100 per cent voting in the interest of fast development of Dwarka Sub city.