During the last week, every morning, I took some time out at the start of the day,to write six brief articles sharing therein my experiences/views about the possible ways a city/locality could be maintained in a better manner,As we all know, there is huge scope of improvement in having better designed,constructed, maintained ,infrastructure around our houses/offices/markets. There in my` pieces` I also exhorted the readers, to as well , share their experiences & make small groups in their own neighbourhood to take up the matter also with the concerned officials of the local authorities,utility companies & the members of the community to plug the deficiencies & also to render help in supervising small activities like the state of garbage management, footpaths & road repairs,tending of green spaces/trees, reporting about encroachment in public spaces which were causing big obstructions in the movement of shoppers/walkers et al.

I sent these articles to social media & to some of my known contacts, who I felt, were quite active in various civic issues & had been discussing vociferously about the sad state of civic affairs & the inefficiency of the civic officials & I felt had zeal to bring about change by contributing their mite too.

My only purpose of doing this morning `exercise` was to contribute in whatever little way in improving our neighbourhoods.

Well,to share with you, very encouraging & positive responses were received from a few but most have stayed away from any responses/suggestions?!

That is a proof enough to INDICATE WHY OUR LOCALITIES,MARKETS,SHOPPING MALLS, PARKS, FOOTPATHS,ROADS are in the state, we all find these in, day in day out & all keep ruing about the same.


Vijay K. Saluja
Giraffe Heroes India