A Special Lecture on ‘Portrayal of Women in Indian Advertising’

 Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication recently organised a special lecture on ‘Potrayal of Women in Indian Advertising’ in order to mark the International Women’s day. This interactive lecture was led by noted advertising professional, Mr. Raj Kumar Jha, National Creative Head, Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency. 
Sharing his views on the topic, Mr. Jha said: “Indian advertising has witnessed a significant transformation in the manner women are portrayed. Many contemporary advertisements portray women in a more positive way as independent, assertive, enjoying Life and a Career woman.” 
Illustrating his talk with the screening of advertisements, he further said that the advertisements have grown with the society. He began with the Lux ad which showed celebrities of its times and moved on to the “Surf” ad of Lalitaji where she was being shown as a wise and prefect house maker. Then as the society became more open, Liril ad of a bathing woman was shown. The “Washing powder Nirma” ad portrays women as independent and geared up to take any challenge. On the other side “Bournvita” ad portrays women as a perfect mother, who cares about her son/daughter and prepares him/her for any competition. In “Visa debit” ad, a woman, who at first has been portrayed as a housewife takes the charge of the society.

Mr. Jha also remarked that Advertisers pick from the society and show people what they want. They exaggerate the reality only to an extent that people are able to relate to.

This was followed by a conclusive remark on the topic by Prof. Ashok Ogra, Director, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication.