Save Jan Lokpal

Dear friends,

In nine days, the government will present their watered down, feeble anti-corruption proposalto an all-party meeting, threatening to destroy our hard won Jan Lokpal against corruption.

But opposition parties are split on the issues we care about most. If enough of us tell our party leaders that our votes depend on them supporting an independent and strong Jan Lokpal that includes the PM, MPs, judges and the CBI, we could tip the balance and push through a real anti corruption bill.

The government is hoping to use party leaders to abandon Jan Lokpal. Let’s show them the people of India are not backing down. When we reach 700,000 signatures, we will put up hard-hitting billboards for a strong Lokpal across Delhi to bring our message directly to political leaders. 

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Since 1968, when this bill was first introduced, greedy politicians have thwarted its passage. They are doing it again — pushing for a weak Lokpal that gives politicians overriding power to decide who will be investigated. But our movement is stronger than ever and, for the first time in 43 years, we have the chance to change the way politics is done in India.

The government has turned deaf ears to the concerns of civil society and is gutting the bill. And now the ministers drafting Lokpal have announced they will abandon efforts to seek consensus with civil society and, instead, submit two different versions of the bill to an all party meeting in 9 days.

We can show them the cost of abandoning Jan Lokpal. Across the country, a movement has exploded, driving a media storm of pressure — and Avaaz can bring the message directly to the government. Sign the petition now — when we reach 700,000 signers, we will plaster New Delhi with billboards for a strong Jan Lokpal.

Sign the petition now

Corruption in politics has become a plague across India; it is draining resources and demoralizing the nation. This bill would go a long way to deterring those that steal and undermine the public good. Last year, the Avaaz community in Brazil won an important victory — against the odds, millions of people came together and pushed through an historic anti-corruption law. India has a proud history of people power overcoming oppression. Today, if we all stand with one voice we can win this fight for India’s future.

With hope,

Saloni, Ben, Emma, Ricken, Shibayan, and the Avaaz team.