ADR launches its Anthem Song for Lok Sabha 2014 “Wo Waqt Kabhi Jise Aana Tha”

Association for Democratic Reforms launched its Anthem Song “Wo Waqt Kabhi Jise Aana Tha” on April 4, 2014 to raise critical issues involved in the Lok Sabha Elections.

​About the Song: ​The song, composed and sung by Harpreet, talks about the state of affair in ​the nation
​even ​after Six ​and a half ​ decades of independence. Criminalization of politics and the nexus between money, crime and muscle power ​has affected the governance and delivery of even the bare minimum services and amenities to the citizens of the country.

The ADR Anthem Song on the YouTube channel of ADR​ is available for everybody to share in any network. Link to the video: ADR Anthem: Wo Waqt Kabhi Jise Aana Tha #LokSabha2014 

Singer & Composer: ​Harpreet ​ is widely​ known for ​his work in the genre of​ Sufi musi​c​.

​Video Direction: ​The video has been directed by Gaurav Raturi, founder of Filmbooth​,​ best known for the International Filmbooth Festival ​​Spoofmania ​organized in Delhi
​Lyrics ​:​ Deepak Dhamija​, ​founder of Shoelace Productions and ​an IIM- Calcutta alumni, has penned the lyrics for the anthem. He is ​also a leading theatre-person in Delhi.

At a time when around 800 Million people will go out to vote in coming 45 days, the website will help the electorate to make an informed choice in deciding the future of the Nation.