A literary event was organized by National Law University

A literary event was organized on 18 Nov. 2018 by National Law University, Delhi. Four plays were staged, followed by a multilingual poets’ meet on the theme of Law and Poetry (Kavita aur Kanoon).

The students presented the following four plays: Antigone by Sophocles, two adaptations of God Sees the Truth, but Waits by Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoi, and Merchant of Venice, Act 4 by Shakespeare.
Chief Guest of the dramatics event, Prof. M.K Bhatt (Director of MAIMS) hailed the play performances by the students and their directors. Mr. Mukesh Sinha, the Managing Editor of Dwarka City Newspaper and social activist appreciated the efforts of the students, and Mr. Manoj Varghese, Senior Journalist who was the Guest of Honour liked the concept of introduction of literature to the student of Law by means of stage plays, he congratulated Prof. Prasannanshu for conducting the programme successfully, and expressed his appreciation in the following words: ‘It was a wonderful showcase of first year students…..keep up the good work’. These guests also acted as jury members and judged the plays to select the best teams and individual actors. The mention of the visionary role of the vice-chancellors of National Law University Delhi, Prof. Ranbir Singh, in supporting literary and cultural exposure for the students, won an applause from the participants.

In addition to the students, several poets and poetry lovers attended the event. Professor and poet, Dr. Prasannanshu of NLUD, a senior litterateur, the founding president of Delhi Poetry Circle, and Patron of Indraprastha was hailed as the motivating force and behind the event. The whole event was designed by him to give a good exposure to the students for a well rounded personality and development of communication skills. He expressed his views that law and literature are inseparable, as there is law in literature, and literature in law.
Indraprastha Literature Festival collaborated with NLUD to organize this multilingual poetry event. The evening saw poetry recitations in Hindi, English, Urdu, Oriya, German, and Dharug, an Australian aboriginal language. This poetry event saw the innovation of including video conferencing, as Dr. Stephanie Rohlfing-Dijoux from Paris read a poem in German with its English meaning, and Dr. Jakelin Troy from Australia read a Dharug poem with its English meaning.

Syed Sibte Razi (Former Governor of Assam and Jharkhand) was the Chief Guest at the poetry event, and Mrs. Rashmi Malik (Principal Salwan Public School) was the guest of honour, which was presided over by Dr. Ashok Lav, Senior Litterateur, and an author of more than a hundred books.

While several poets like Prof. Prasannanshu (Litterateur, Academic, and the organizer of the event); Mr. Prem Bihari Mishra; Mr. Virendra Kumar Mansotra, multilingual poet; Mr. Manohar Luthra ; Mr. Reeta Mathur ; Ms. Neena Seher ; Ms. Sushma Bhandari ; Ms. Urmila Madhav ; Ms. Vandana Yadav; Prof. Mk Bhatt read their poems. Dr. Chandramni Brahmadatt, and Mr. Keshav Mohan Pandey cooperated in compering and organizing of the event. This way around 40 poets shared their poems with a spellbound audience.

(News Credit:Professor and poet, Dr. Prasannanshu of NLUD)
(Photos Courtesy: NLU)