All Indo-PAk women’s Painting Exhibition Çolors of Hope’begins

The five female artists from Pakistan and four contemporary female artists from India are jointly exhibiting their paintings for the first time .The core idea of this venture is to create the sense of amalgamation. With the provision of sharing lifestyle the artists will be provided scope to interact with Indian youths by going to college, schools and other habitat places.

Youths are marked as the energy engines of a country and in a paternal country where male dominance and male priority runs on the high note, Empowerment’s this endeavour will not only set the par norms of the current society but also will provide the visual panorama.

This exhibition is based on focusing few intangible factors like share, emotion, peace, feminism and love. Share is one of the prior holds which exhibition is hoping to promote. While we say cultural share evolve of art and culture goes in front. With the plan of interaction and cultural share emotions will flaunt to peace in the country.

Empowerment is assembling 9 female artists on board to project the women’s power in a global form. Weather its India or Pakistan, we all knows that women’s of a country not only projects the fertility and love but also shows the solidity of countries culture and mannerism.

Colours of Hope is an exhibition aims to grow a language of unity and love where the art and culture will show the visual culture of two countries on single arena. Empowerment plans to organize many such programs and have people to people connect bringing the artists, youths from the India and Pakistan together and promote interaction and dialogue that begins with art and culminates in better understanding, empathy and love for each other.

About the Show
Empowerment feels privileged to share that it is inviting 5 Pakistan women artists to visit India for 6 days and take part in an art exhibition alongwith 4 renowned artists of India. Below are the details of the program. We seek your kind support for the coverage of the event. ABOUT COLOURS OF HOPE-India Pakistan Women Artists Art Exhibition Empowerment (NGO) is organizing “Colours of Hope” from 28th March to 2nd of April, 2014 at Azad Bhavan Art Gallery, ICCR New Delhi to be inaugurated on the 28th March at 5.00p.m. It brings together on one common platform, established and young 5 Pakistan and 4 Indian women artists to exhibit 3 works each. Participating Artists from Pakistan are: Ayesha Durrani, Fizza Saleem, Amna Ilyas, Romessa Khan and Mariam Khan. Artists from India are Gogi Saroj Pal, Seema Kohli, Nupur Kundu, Sonika Agarwal. Also artist fraternity is invited to create on the spot 10mt. long canvas on the theme “Colours of Hope”. Pakistan women artists are invited to stay for 6 days from 27th March to 1st April. During their stay they would visit schools, colleges and interact with the students and youths of the country. This will set the stage for a unique interaction between highly charged minds from various backgrounds, styles and schools of thought.

Show Details:
28th March to 2nd of April, 2014
Azad Bhavan Art Gallery, ICCR , New Delhi