Eminent road safety experts attending the day long Intelligent Transportation (ITS) roundtable here today stressed on the need of setting up a Nodal agency consisting of various ministries for fast implementation of ITS for reducing traffic congestion, thus improving the efficiency of overall road transportation systems in various major cities in the country.

“Intellegence Transportation System (ITS) is globally proven system to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure and improve transportation systems in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort and safety.The fast-growing field of intelligent transport systems (ITS) spans everything from freight transport and traffic management to in-vehicle services like driver alert.” said Mr K K Kapila, Chairman, International Road Federation (IRF), a Geneva based global body working for better and safer roads word wide while speaking at the conference organised by IRF .

“ At present for implementation of ITS in India one has to deal with various ministries including Ministry of Road Transport, State Governments, Ministry of Communication, Industry , Ministry of Urban Development and Bureau of Indian Standards. Setting up of unified Nodal agency will help in faster implementation of ITS in the country and develop standards that support ITS services and their interoperability. This will also help develop ITS standards suited to Indian conditions governing everything from on-board communications and vehicle ID, to public travel security and route guidance services.” said Mr Kapila.

“The problem of traffic congestion is spreading globally, creating numerous difficulties for travelers such as unpredictable delays in reaching the destinations, increasing pollution due to congestion, ITS technologies for roads and vehicles are helpful in enhancing mobility, enhance safety, improve environmental conditions, and reduce traffic congestion, thus improving the efficiency of overall road transportation systems” said Mr Vijay Chhibber, Former Secretray, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) speaking on the occasion.

“ Delhi has one of the highest number of road accident death in the country with pedestrians most venerable, it is high time automatic pedestrian detection devices and a smart lighting system in improving pedestrian safety is installed at various Zebra crossings in the national capital. Most of the lighting installed shuts even yet the pedestrian has not crossed the road. The smart lights will detect the pedestrian and close only when the passenger has fully crossed the road “ said Prof P.K.Sarkar of School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) while speaking on the occasion.

.” These countermeasures for pedestrians are being used world wide successfully , these devices also help in evaluating pedestrians’ and motorist behaviour and an improvement in motorists’ yielding behaviour. A reduction in the number of pedestrians trapped in the roadway” added Prof sarkar.

The Eminent experts who participated the conference included Mr Balraj Bhanot, Chairman, BIS, Transportation Engineering Department, Dr Adnan Rahman, Director General, IRF, Mr Jeevan Talegaokar of Ericsson and other representatives of ITS industry.