Sanitation problems in Dwarka

To, Date: 12th August, 2008
Shri Tejinder Khanna
Honorable Lt. Governor of Delhi
Subject : Complaint against MCD Sanitation Staff / MCD Staff Posted from Sanitation Department in Dwarka .

Respected Shri Tejinder Khanna Jee,
This is with reference to above mentioned subject this is to bring to your kind notice about the belligerency of MCD Sanitation Staff / MCD Staff Posted from Sanitation Department in Dwarka . specially in Sector – 19, Pocket – III, Dwarka, New Delhi – were never and neither the staff members / officials from Sanitation and Sanitation Department from MCD visit for sanitation to clean the Nallah’s and garbage’s, as result mosquito’s are breeding in over flooded Nallah’s in residential colonies and huge garbage’s & huge Malwas were scattered in whole residential colonies, even unwanted plants and unwanted wild trees are mushrooming in whole residential colony and in the service roads around the colony. the concerned staff from MCD Sanitation Department never attain the official duties properly, even neither health departments staff from MCD never and nor spread Medicine in Nallah’s to prevent Dengue / Malaria as result huge garbage’s / Huge Malwas scattered in whole residential are and all Nallah’s are flooded with garbage’s in it. Even horticulture officials posted from MCD Department never attain the duties and resulted the condition of the parks are deteriorated day by day.
Would be highly obliged and grateful if you could issue a instructions to the concerned authority and to the vigilance department of MCD against the erring officials posted their to take proper action against my severe grievances.
Sanjoy Bhattacharya
Flat No 695 Akshar Dham Apprartment,
Sector – 19, Pocket – III, Dwarka,
New Delhi Mobile NO. 9868947925

CC to : Chief Secretary – Government of National Capital of Delhi.
CC to : Commissioner – MCD, Town Hall, Government of National Capital of Delhi.( for necessary action)
CC to : Shri Pradeep Srivastava, Chief Vigilance Officer – MCD, ( For necessary action)
CC to : Editor in Chief – ( for kind necessary action)
————————————————To : Sh. Tejinder Khanna Hon’ble Lt. Governor – Delhi
Smt. Shiela Dikshit Hon’ble Chief Minister – Delhi
CC : Commissioner – Delhi Police, Commissiner – MCD, Mayor – Delhi,
SDM – Najafgarh, Sh.Vinjender Gupta, Chairman, Standing Committee – MCDSub : Unhygenic conditions prevailing in Nasirpur Residential Area & callous attitude of the MCD in repairing the approach road to the area.

Dear Sir / Madam
This is further to the various letters written on the subject matter. We regret to note that there has been no improvement in the area in spite of our various representations made time and again to your office this regard.
Unhygenic conditions prevailing in Nasirpur Residential Area
There is a subzi mandi being operational in the area which is creating nuisance to the residents living in the area. Neither the MCD nor DDA is doing anything to remove the mandi from the area which is an health hazard for the residents apart from the nuisance being created by the mandi operators.
The Subzi Mandi in the area has become a serious nuisannce for the residents. The mandi starts at 4.00 am and is functional upto late in the evening. There is no police constable on duty to clear and control the trucks, tractors & cycle carts coming to the mandi apart from the hundreds of cars coming in the area. We have made several representation to remove the mandi from the residential area but nothing concrete has happened uptill now. Since the mandi is functioning unauthorisedly from the area, it does not have the basic facilities for toilets. The operators of the subzi mandi use the open area behind the mandi along the walls of the society buildings to defacate and urinate through out the day and night. The residents of the society flats cannot open their doors in the morning for fresh air. The situation is so alarming that there is a MCD school behind the mandi and the students and parents have to pass through this area to get into the school in mornings and evenings which posses a security threat to many of the children and ladies passing through the area.
In addition the entire place is littered with plastic bags which area choking the trees and inhibiting the growth of plants. Besides these, the leftovers of vegetables and plastic bags are frequently burnt which emanates poisonous fumes. In the last few months loads of tractors comes to the area and dumps industrials wastes and we could see rag pickers coming and collecting items from the dumped industrial material. In other words the area behind mandi and the MCD school has become a dump yard for the industrial wastes etc. and the area is used by the mandi personnel defacating and urinating along the walls of society & MCD school building. What kind of education the Principal & Teachers of the school provide to the children in such an filthy atmosphere is a serious question which needs an answer which the higher ups in the Education Department of Delhi Government and the Inspector of the area needs to answer.
The staff officials from Sanitation Department from MCD do not visit for cleaning the Nallah’s and garbage’s, as result mosquito’s are breeding in the flooded area behind the Mandi. Garbage & huge Malwas are scattered in whole area due to which the students are not able reach their school properly. The concerned sanitation staff of MCD never attends to the complaint for spraying & the official duties properly, even neither health departments staff from MCD never and nor spread Medicine in Nallah’s to prevent Dengue / Malaria as result huge garbage’s / Huge Malwas scattered in whole residential are and all Nallah’s are flooded with garbage’s in it. Even horticulture officials posted from MCD Department never attain the duties and resulted the condition of the parks are deteriorated day by day.
When the Delhi Government is spending crores of rupees in building proper infrastructure for the Commonwealth games, open defacating of the area by the mandi operators is the most unbearable part of the whole issue.

All our requests are ignored so much so that in the evening a thick smog hangs over the entire area and makes even breathing impossible at times.
Earlier on our complaint a Special Metropolitan Municpal Magistrate was appointed by the Govt. to look into our problems. However, due to some reasons best known to the Government, the Magistrate was transferred from the area. During the term of the MMM at least some improvements were taking place but after the departure of SMMM from the area it has become extremely difficult. The SMMM had sent a note to the DCP (Traffic) and the area SHO to depute police personnel in the mornings to ensure that the vehicles are removed from the pavements so that people can walk in the area.
Nothing concrete has happened up till now. In the mornings it becomes extremely difficult for the residents to take their vehicles out of the society gates because the on both sides of the roads are blocked by cycle rickshaws,. trucks and tractors and the pavements are also encroached by fruit sellers, radiwallahs selling eatables etc. Apart from the above, most of the time there is a traffic jam due to rush of school buses, vans and also of the vehicles belonging to general public who visit the mandi. We would request the Commissioner of Police to depute some policemen on duty so that the area is kept clean by removing the cycle rickshaws and other vehicles parked on both sides of the road and also the pavement is cleaned so that the public could walk properly.
We would also request the Hon’ble LG & the Chief Minister to kindly visit the area in order to have a first hand information since we have seen that the officials visiting the area present distorted information to the higher ups.

It is needless to add that people of the area have spent their life term savings and borrowed money from FIs and are paying huge amount of interest on their loans to buy their dream home and because of the callous attitude of the officials of the MCD & DDA, the residents have to suffer in spite of timely payment of property and other taxes to the Government.
This is the only road connecting the area comprising of more than 1500 DDA FLATS & 500 Society Flats apart from the residents of Mahavir Enclave and other colonies. It is more than 2 years that this important link connecting Dwarka has been dug and no one is aware when the same will be repaired. One can imagine the plight of the residents living in the area have to face daily for going to their offices. But the complete callousness shown by MCD in repairing this main road linking the area is really disgusting. I would request the authorities to seriously look into the matter and arrange to repair at least one side of the road so that the residents can move properly. The attention of the Hon’ble LG & the Chief Minister is solicited so that the road is repaired at the earliest.
With warm regards
———————————————————-Never seen a sweeper for God knows for how long . V.Krishnamurthy

We happy to note that NOT A SINGLE SWEEPER FOR SECT 22. So all Sect 22 residents may take reimbursement from MCD on sweeping charge from the portion of the MCD Property tax.
Other sectors may also do demand reimbursement if the MCD is not sweeping their areas.
WDYT? rejimon

MCD Sweeper in Sector-10, Dwarka? At least I could not spot oneduring my two-year stay in Dwarka. I earnestly believe that this is afit case for the MCD Vigilance Cell to look into. P.J. THOMAS

I have also not seen any sweeper in last 6 years in sec-4 and around. It seems to be big racket . We all must write jointly to vigilance cell forwarding a copy to Mayor,LG and Chief Minister and to our councillors.Sandeep
I think it holds good for all sectors in Dwarka.Only yesterday I spoke to Sahib Singh who is the MCD incharge. I asked him if i have to call him everytime i need the service lane sweeped and garbage cleared. .he say.. he is trying is best to rotate the personnel as there is a huge shortage of employees. He mentioned that by next month or so there will be more employees and there will be no complaints. I wish so..!!!!! He said he will have the service lane cleaned by tomorrow…!! Cant believe how MCD operates..!!!!!! and we want our city clean……! there is absolutely no sweeping done in any of the service lanes…we in our society have asked our jamadar to sweep the lane, which he does on a daily basis…atleast thats why it is a bit clean.regards, Sudha

Sewer lines on 60M / 30M/ 45M wide main Roads of Dwarka have not been cleaned by DDA since long sewer blockage problem will be faced by the Residents. All the roads come under DDA jurisdiction.
We at Pkt-2, Sector-7 are facing problem of blockage of Sewer line outside the boundary wall of the pocket on main Roads near to Vardhman City Mall, Sector-7. We are making follow up with DDA but everybody know the way
I understand RTI is required if there is no allocation of Sweeper in any DDA pocket as well as nearby Sector area. Counciller will only give assurance and nothing will happen.
We need to put pressure on authorities to get the things done. We can also approach
Counceller after doing our home work on our part. thanks anil nayal

a. Distilling: Have all the drainage in sectors (from 1 to 23) been DISTILLED? If not when it will be done ?
b. Was there any enquiry ordered on waterlogging in Dwarka on 2 nd August rain?
c. If not why no enquiry was ordered ?
d. Who should be held responsible if any resident find water logging again in Dwarka?
e. List of all areas where Waterlogging reported?
f. List of areas where Offcials visited to verify reason for water logging and what action have taken so far?
g. How many complaints received by DDA Dwarka, DDA HQ with regard to water logging in Dwarka Subcity ?h. What is the status of each complaints as on date?
i. Have all the drainage in sectors (from 1 to 23) drainage is covered ?
j. If any left open , please provide the list and area (Sector wise). By when it will be covered ?