N K Bagrodia Public School, Sector-4, Dwarka celebrated its Annual Cultural Event, BALSABHA, a creative extravaganza of Pre-School and Pre- Primary Classes on 16th and 17th March in school auditorium. The theme for Pre-School “Objects our inspiration ”potrayed the reflections of simple objects as a source of inspiration for the children living in todays world of concrete jungle .They beautifully depicted the relevance in retro and present context.The splendid performances of tiny tots was applauded by the gathering.

The theme for the Pre- Primary students “PANCHATATVA” portrayed the different fragrances of five elements of life on one platform through their dance and skit. The relevance of each element was put forth in a colourful and heart rendering display. The Pre- Primary graduates beautifully bid adieu to the Junior Wing and the two-day event culminated with lots of energy, affection and tears. The members of the managing committee graced the occassion and encouraged the tiny tots. Ms. Satinder K. Singh gave a welcome address and apprised the august gathering with achievement and accolads of the by gone academic session. It was well-appreciated by one and all. Dr. Rajee N Kumar, Principal of N K Public School, also rendered words of encouragement to the tiny tots.