The Union Minister of state for Tourism and culture K.J. Alphons today stressed on the need of country developing better and safer roads to attract more global tourists .

“Better and safer roads in the country can help double our tourists in India in next Three years . About Ten million international tourists visited India during the year 2017. Straightening Infrastructure and improving connectivity will bring more confidence among tourists to come to India ” said Mr K J Alphons , Union Minister of State for Tourism and culture while inaugurating a a Two-day conference on ‘Safer Road Transpiration to promote National Tourism’ 

” Apart from improving road infrastructure we need to be more tourist friendly and hospitality has to be in our DNA as it is in tourist destination like Thailand . The taxi drivers and Auto drivers need to be trained to be tourist friendly and charge fixed rates .They also need to be more regulated. Tourism ministry is planning to impart training to them in league with some corporate companies ” he said.

The minister also launched a “Tourist Felicitation guide ‘ for information of tourists as well as “code of practice for Taxi operators in India on the occasion.

Over 100 road safety experts, professionals, government organisation’s and agencies active in road transport and tourism, transport officers from various states and UN official’s are taking part in the two- day conference. The conference is being organised by Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) in Association with Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) and Union Ministry of Tourism and culture along with Goodyear’s CSR initiative ‘Safer Roads-Safer You’.

”Safe transport is integral to the tourism industry. The confidence of tourist increases when he finds a clean and safe mode of transportation. While Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTA) is crossing ten million-mark in India during the previous year 2017, it is still less that one per cent of Global tourists travelling world-wide. A safe transportation system will definitely help boost tourist in India” said Dr Rohit Baluja, President, Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) while speaking on the occassion.

The agenda of the two-day conference will see eminent experts attending and deliberating on the critical issues related to road transport, safety, security and special needs on road transportation, International Driving Permits (IDP), Importance of driver training, tourist interventions and dealing with incidents, crashes and thefts at tourism destinations.

The major highlight of the conference will be formulation of code of practice for the government in areas related to last minute coordination, safety security and special needs, legal implications, International Driving permits and importance of driver training in order to handle any emergency situation.

“In India, roads are dominant mode of transportation, carrying almost 90 per cent of the country’s passenger traffic and 65 % of freight. Safe, secure, well connected, integrated, economical, comfortable and dependable transport is important towards facilitating the growth of tourism sector in the country”, said Dr Baluja.

Goodyear India, in association with Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE), has initiated a unique road safety programme, ‘Safer Roads, Safer You.’ The conference is being organised as part of the initiative.