Bollywood star support The City That Never Sleeps Mumbai Campaign

Saira Khan , Satish Reddy,  Satish Reddy, Murli Sharma, Jonita Dodo, Vandena Vadera With Nataliya Kozhenova

Abhishek Dubey

Saturday night was rocked by “The City That Never Sleeps” movie team. The team has started the campaign to promote Mumbai city through the boldest act ever. Producer Satish Reddy and Manik Soni hosted a party to bring Mumbai to number one position as Mumbai is way below the other cities ahead of Mumbai like London New York, Barcelona, Berlin, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris and Bangkok etc. Several Bollywood Personalities were present there to support the campaign as the evening started by the singer actress Vandana Vadhera singing songs on Mumbai as the theme which had the guests feel patriotic towards Mumbai,. After that Jonita doda who recently won the best Punjabi actress award was seen performing in Punjabi style and wishing everybody Baisakhi. She said, “It’s great to be a part of wonderful campaign which brings Mumbai on the number one slot in The City That Never Sleeps charts. “

Mumbai is a city that thrives as the perfect example of diversity it has the greatest variety of cultures in its society, it has roaring industries with noisy engines to the music of film and theater at its heart, this city has the fast running days and the colourful night which proves that Mumbai is the City which never sleeps. Murli Sharma was seen discussing with director Haroon Rashid about the campaign he said,”I love this campaign as Mumbai has given me everything and it is unfortunate that we are not even in top ten in the tagline of the city that never sleeps”.

Pooja misrra was seen flaunting her sexiest body while performing on a song, she said,”I always want to see Mumbai on the top. So it’s Aamchi Mumbai and I love Mumbai” Ukrainian actress Nataliya kozhenova was seen in black skirt and raising the temperature of party. She said, “I love Mumbai Night life which I have never seen in other country. Mumbai is a very safe city in world”.

Vikram With Devshi Khanduri, Nix Panwar, Vivek Mishra & Pooja Misrra

An attempt was made to break the Guinness world record for removing and wearing pants by models and actor Vivek mishra who has successfully attempted to break Guinness world record by 10 times in a minute, he said, “I am glad that Satish Reddy give me this chance to mark my name in Guinness record.

Devshi khanduri was seen discussing Dev Anand and his love for Mumbai and how other Bollywood personalities like Amitabh bachchan, Dharmendra and others have spoken about their love for Mumbai while music director Vikram were seen dancing in the party with Saira khan, Nix Panwar and everyone was seen enjoying party till wee hours