M K Gupta,
(Free Lancer, Joint Secy and Media Advisor,
 Dwarka Forum– Regd.)

BEWARE of placement agencies providing domestic helps as many agencies are indulging in frauds to cheat the clients. Modus Operendi, give advertisement in newspapers for providing domestic servants, give mobile number only, on demand from the prospective clients, reach at their houses at late night say around 11.00 p.m.. leave the servant/ maid at the client House, charge full year Commission on the spot in advance, do not give photo of servant immediately by putting the onus of this on the clients advising him to initiate action of police verification only after the servant is settled. These servants work most diligently and try to win the faith of their employers and servant suddenly disappears, if have the chance, after cash or other costlier but small items like gold, mobile, watch etc. Recently, there was a case wherein a newly recruited maid abducted an 18-months-old-boy named Ishaan and was recovered from Faridabad and four persons were arrested.

Joshna Roy

On 7.5.2011, a person named Deepak of Anjali Placement Agency, B-223, Mangol Puri Road, Nangloi brought a maid servant at about 11.00 p.m. instead of 9.00 p.m. as promised for this. The name of the maid was told Joshna Roy of Jalpai Gudi of West Bengal and charged Rs. 20,000/- as year commission for one year. The form given by him is without the photograph of maid. He even said that we should not go for police verification for at least five days and first, the maid should feel settled and thereafter only should submit the form to police for verification but we failed to get the hint.

I went for her photograph to Sam’s Image Studio (previously known as Moon Image) near wine shop at Sector VI market, Dwarka for her photograph and when I was returning with her on my motor cycle, after covering some distance, I felt that the maid is not on the rear seat and when I checked, she was really not on the bike meaning thereby ran away taking advantage of traffic jam by jumping from the seat.

I first thought that she might have fallen from the bike somewhere on the way while returning from the market but could not find her anywhere. In the meantime, I informed my son and daughter in law and all of us searched her for about an hour and at last, phoned on 8750005518 to the person to who we requested to provide the maid. He told that maid has reached NOIDA somehow and an autowala has informed him on phone that he is brining her back to his office at Nangloi. When we asked the phone number of the Autodriver, he said that he will be calling back within five minutes. After waiting for about five minutes, we called many times on his mobile but he did not pick up the phone. When we told him that we are going to police station for lodging a complaint, he said to wait and he will come shortly.

The name of the placement agency mentioned on the letterhead is Anjali Placement Service (Regd. No. 753/2010), B-223, Mangolpuri Road, Nangloi, New Delhi. (Mobile 8750005518). This agency was referred by another persons whose number is 8800569846 (name not known). No landline number is mentioned on the letter-head. These contact were taken by my daughter in law from another person of so called Sangeeta Placement Agency and might be from some one else also who read an advt. in the newspaper. When tried to contact on these number, the message is not reachable or off.

When we checked the bag of the maid after she ran, we found that all her wearing are new and this fact is indicative of the she has also perpetrated such frauds with others also by leaving her clothes at the home of her employers and purchased new clothes for the new hunt.

Now, the maid and the so-called representative may be or will be looking for another prey for hunting. I have submitted a complaint to the Sector 9 police station under DD No. 49A at 11.35 p.m. requesting to lodge an FIR.

I am also ashamed on my folly or the carelessness of members of my family who in the zeal of a servant did not exercise proper care.

I will be sending copy of this mail to DCP- West Delhi etc after the photo of absconding servant is scanned.