D.S.K.C. honoured with black belts in Karate

ENTHUSIASM, ENERGY and action these three were the main attractions during the annual day function organized by D S K C School of Defence students at Health Club Sector 7, Dwarka on July 12.The main attraction of the show was Professor Renshi Rethinam, who is a renowned Personality in traditional Karate. The training course was conducted by Professor Rethinam with S K Yadav and his team members. A number of students has been provided various arts of karate and been provided key notes. Apart from that an advance weapon training in martial arts was also been showcased which was liked by the students as well as the spectators. A demonstration session was also organised by Professor Rethinam for the girl’s students.
According to Professor Rethinam, there is a vast scope of traditional karate in India. Since government encouragement is there but it has to be more to make it as a must to learn sport. According to him traditional karate can be seen through many Indian arts. He added even Postures and mudras in Bharatnatayam is also a form of karate. He is happy to see that parents nowadays are keen to such sports.At the last of the show Professor Rethinam provide a speech to all students and the spectators where he shares his experiences. Later he honoured Chief coach of D S K C , Sunil Kumar with Prestigious 3 Dan (degree) black belt along with the ten students namely Akanksha Solanki, Mansi Verma, Isha Snehal, Manan Verma, Vikas Godara, Aditya Jain, Saransh Kejriwal, Sarthak Kapur, Anmol Singh and Anshuman V Ramaniget. Presently D S KC produced around 50 national players from Dwarka, within a short span of seven and half years only.There is no age and sex bar to learn Martial Arts. Even the physically challenged individual can do it because it is not just kicking and punching, it’s an art of self defence. With the help of it, a person can gain self-defence and character development in one’s life. Karate is very important part of human life.” Added S K Yadav, Chief Coach.
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