Blatant wastage of public money

Vineet Aggarwal

Of late, I am sad and shocked to see the blatant wastage of the hard earned public money which we have been regularly paying in the form of taxes to the government.

One can see the stone slabs from the road dividers being pulled out by the laborers, across Dwarka and then these are replaced with the new ones or simply being painted in kali. I asked them, what I the logic, to which they said – these broken slabs are an eyesore.

So does this mean that Delhi is now going the Ghaziabad or NOIDA way where the CM Ms. Shiela Dixit is trying to paint the city in various colors just like Mayawati has done without doing any good to the common man or heeding to his daily needs?

I am sure this money could have been used for various and much more value adding and beneficial purposes, such as:

1. re-carpeting the several broken and still un-metalled slip roads,
2. better lighting of the streets
3. installing traffic lights which are still missing despite so many reminders and accidents on the major intersections across Dwarka
4. removal of the garbage dumps which are both an eyesore and health hazard
5. providing proper parking space in the markets – and recarpeting of the parking lots in the markets
6. or the most basic – ensuring continued supply of power; rather than burdening the common man by increasing the power charges, yet again

It seems our CM has not heard of the Maslow’s Needs hierarchy , which emphasizes the need to address the basic needs FIRST and then as you move up the hierarchy, the other lesser important needs are addressed with the cosmetic ones being addressed in the end.