Traffic related issues in Dwarka

Special Commissioner of Police-Traffic,
Police HQ,
Indraprastha Estate,


I would like to bring to your notice a few traffic related issues for consideration.

(1) Obstructive Parking & Parking on Footpaths: This is one issue which traffic police in Delhi has not been able to control effectively. This has actually become a very big factor in slow movement of traffic in various parts of city at many times and obstruction of footpaths. Many a times TP launches special localized derive for this, but ultimately these special campaigns do more harm than benefit due to absence of surprise element. People actually become habitual of doing right thing only when they hear about these campaigns or see a policeman. I request that a new strategy is essential where technology is to play an important role. Teams of 2 policemen each on motor cycle equipped with camera can do the job much more effectively. Even 10-15 such teams in Delhi with a job assignment of clicking the photograph of offenders can do wonders. Challans should be handled by back office.

(2) Tail Light: Almost all of the tractor trolleys plying in the city are without any tail light or even reflective strips. Manifold increasing the probability of fatal accidents. TP has to take any action about such offense. Even cyclist are expected to have reflective strips on back but large trolleys are plying without any back lights posing serious threat to traffic, especially in dark. Now hazy days ahead I request TP to launch a special drive to book the vehicles without tail light.

(3) Bus Keep Left on right turn: A problem is faced due to buses keeping extreme left even when they need to take turn right. As a result on red light wherever heavy vehicles stop they block the way of left turning traffic. And on green light they take right turn from extreme left thereby block the way of straight going traffic thereby causing disturbance & creating anxiety among the drivers. This can be corrected by advising them to keep central/right lane just before they have to take a right turn.

(4) Power Cut: It is aware that whenever there is power cut it hits life of a common citizen badly through multiples ways. Besides plunging city into dark and stopping all activities it also leads to traffic snarl on roads and totally paralyses the life. It is aware that supply of electricity, inter alia, to traffic signals is amongst those few critical services even the temporary suspension of which can bring the city to a standstill. Therefore I request TP to put up a strong representation to power department to exempt traffic lights from power cuts.

(5) Loud Horns: Motor bikes are having horns which are very loud. The volume is so high that if you stand along with it, you will get a sever buzz in your ear. I request TP to equip itself with appropriate measurement instrument and book the violators.

S K Goyal
Sec-12, Dwarka, 

New Delhi-110078.