The Vedic returns

Dr KK Aggarwal
Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee

President, Heart Care Foundation of India
It’s time to file the Vedic returns. On 31st March we must have filed our non Vedic financial returns. Vedic returns are to be filed with our consciousness. Thus contains the sum total and a complete account of negative and positive deeds.

The returns filed will include misunderstandings, hurt, anger, resentment, guilt, fears, rejections, failures, unforgiven, envy, mis-behaviour, mistakes and all negative feelings vs compassion, love, caring, empathy, happiness etc.

The first step is to calculate your life Vedic earnings. The earning is not your money based finances earned but your soul and ego based earnings.

Your earnings can be in the following heads

Soul earnings (soul profile)
1. Good will
2. Respect
3. Happiness
4. Peace of mind
5. Health
6. Blessings
7. Friendships
8. Knowledge

Ego earnings (ego profile)
1. Position and status earned
2. Fixed assets (car, house, money)
3. Name, fame and awards

Both soul and ego earnings positive and minus should be computed in the form of returns and submitted to your consciousness. If the result is balance you need to pay thirty percent tax to GOD and you need to pass on to others thirty percent of your returns. For example you need to pass on thirty percent of net happiness to others.

Law of giving is pass on what you get. Keep everything in circulation.