Blind Voters are Essential for BJP-Congress Survival

 Rakesh Manchanda

Parliamentary democracy was weakened decades ago when the government promoted the untested idea that if we privatise and sell the public assets, we can control corruption. Result ? One percent corporate driven politicians became more rich and more powerful. People to parliament engagement was kept weak with no voters awareness. Governments never tried to repair and reform their own delivery system and update People . The Jan Lokpal process is a part of this competitive reform which can help arrest corruption. Lokpal Bill was deliberately put to sleep in the Rajya Sabha, with both the Congress and the BJP pretending to be indulging in fair play.

Today Congress in media is provoking and demanding Team Anna to reply as to why a corrupt BSP minister Kushwaha is being accepted in UP- BJP team preparing for elections. Timings of CBI recent raid on this ex- minister of UP also speaks volumes. It is clear that both BJP and Congress like small regional parties are not ready to fight corruption but shall use corruption to gain more power. Blind supporters and voters are essential for both Congress and BJP. Let us see how?

Let us rewind our memory back to three years. When UPA-survival was challenged on the floor of the Parliament by communists and left lobby. Congress in minority was going overboard by educating Public as to how US-Nuclear was in favour of India and against Jehadi Terrorism after 9/11. BJP was never seen educating people as to why they were against US-Nuclear deal. No Confidence Motion brought by 59 Communists parliamentarians and other supporters was voted out and failed. After 3 yrs again this old shameful event of Parliament lawmakers` corruption revolves around `Votes for Notes`. Corporate Nexus behind Amar Singh could have been easily exposed by tracing Bank from where bundles of notes were withdrawn. For more then three years no action was seen against this corruption.FIR was lodged recently. Police was then forced to act by Court order and media pressure and few politicians and MPs were jailed. US-Nuclear Deal had gone in favor of American. If 19 MPs of NDA had not crossed over the US-Nuclear deal would have failed. Communists lobby although in minority tried to build a people pressure by some education in public but BJP the prime opposition party did nothing to build people`s awareness.

BJP in Parliament said again and again they were against this US-Nuclear deal but in actual they never wanted to oppose this deal & wanted to be in good books of America.BJP only wanted to grab power and claim that they created this `Bribe` in Parliament string operation. BJP is trying now after three years to convince people that instead of Bribe Takers their two MPs jailed were the chosen whistle blowers. Unlike Anna Team BJP is still not honest.BJP leaders are not at all trying to educate people as to how US-Nuclear deal today and in the past was against Indian people and their independence.BJP leaders had lot of time like Anna Team to corner Police and their political masters(congress) with or without Roses & Get Well Soon Cards.

BJP declared Advani ji Yatra against Corruption but fails to explain the party old opportunist stand on US-Nuclear deal. Advani ji Yatra failed to explain to people as to why they kept their Lok Pal Menu Blank for several years and then were waiting for Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare to outsource fight against corruption. This shows the weak BJP is waiting for someone to bring a change and finally court judgement forced leadership/CM change in Karnataka. Advani ji now after three years is adding masala (spices) and emotions in this old and outdated Win-Lose Video game of the Parliament by declaring that he masterminded this sting operation of Bribe and money display in Parliament to expose corruption wherein the actual business deal is different.US Nuclear Deal and hidden corporate lobby behind Amar Singh appear to `bring the Win` and India`s shameful sell out to US three years ago in Parliament. People of India as losers were reduced as blind followers not fit enough to be informed as to why cheap power cannot be generated say by river water sharing instead of US-Nuclear Deal.

Congress-BJP strength combine are hidden match fixers & collaborators as seen in past 43 years. Match Fixers who demand blind voters are worst then those who fail to deliver. Both are doubtful and weak people educators and shall play arithmetic of Power with No action against corruption.Nature of Indian Politics and Anna Hazaare`s unfinished movement against corruption demands new leaders and new vision for new young India.