Brahma-Vidya – the science of Cosmos, Soul and God


The science of Cosmos, Soul and God is known as Brahma-Vidya. By this spiritual science a man can achieve the ultimate state of peace in his life. In this state of higher consciousness the soul merges with the Divine Source of its origin. A soul is on a mystical journey through time and space in search for the magnificent life.

Cosmic consciousness is achieved when we are able to align our own higher mind centers with cosmic mind, which man calls God. When we achieved oneness with god, we fell a sense of inner illumination.

-Now this powerful meditation will definitely help you to achieve cosmic consciousness.
– Sit in a comfortable and a relaxed position
-Take 8 to 10 very slow and deep breaths.
-Now mentally visualize a quite lake.
-Any disturbing thought is like a ripple on the surface of lake.
-Mentally push the disturbing thoughts down in the lake.
-When the surface of the lake is smooth, the mind become calm and still.
In this state of meditation think or say:

‘I now meditate on the reality of spirit. I am the spiritual image of God. Now by unifying my mind, body and soul I now claim my divine heritage and affirm my oneness with God. I now align myself to the infinite love of God. I am in tune with joy and wonder of cosmos and my soul is elevated to supernal heights of revelation and wisdom. I am immune to life’s discords and am surrounded by magic circle of God’s protective love. I am one with cosmic order and harmony. I attract only serenity, joy and peace.”

Each day, as the ultimate form of meditation, be in prayerful communication with God.
Your life can reflect divine harmony, order and balance.