Good wishes message for 2nd Academic Excellence Award


Dear Mr. S.S. Dogra

It’s a matter of immense pleasure and pride that ‘Dwarka Parichay’ is going to organize 2nd Dwarka Topper Students Award ceremony on 5th July, 2014 i.e. Saturday. I can’t resist myself praising this organistaion. ‘Dwarka Parichay’ that has taken an initiative to transform our progenies into prodigies. May God bless this organisation that works for such a noble cause.

Being educationist, I would like to share my experience that will definitely benefit the students to lead a better life. The first thing is that students should believe and realise that they constitute an immense reservoir of strength which if properly canalised can prove to be a source of great power to the nation. And here a teacher can play a progressive role because what a teacher does the students follow. It’s easy for a teacher to mould the students in a desired way. A student is like a cocoon that bears a beautiful butterfly. It is teacher who can bring the students to this epiphany.

Several students in my class were a chatter-box. They hardly seemed to be attentive in the class, consequently their academic performance remained very poor. Only consolation was that they had potential to do the things in better way if special attention is paid. I made the strategy. First of all I cracked the group and separated them. I requested other subject teachers to be vigilant on them. I prepared specific assignments and asked them to do these assignments. Gradually, an improvement came in them. So, those students who were getting failure marks, were now getting marks in 50s and 60s. All this became possible due to the unstinted cooperation of the Principal, parents and my colleagues. 

Parents were taken in confidence, they were told beforehand about the assignments which were being given to these students. The parents were requested to keep a close eye on the activities of their children at home and ensure that they have done their assignments. This tremendous improvement in them which they had not even envisaged, was not short of revelation for them.

Vinod Kaushik
PGT – English
Shiksha Bharati Public School