SVIS students visited Rajeev Gandhi Renewable Park

Sri Venkateshwar International School organized a trip to Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park on 19 July 2013 to raise awareness in the students as we have been recklessly using the natural resources and it’s high time that one worked towards restoring them. To achieve the same we need to look at alternate sources of renewable energy. Students were given a tour of the Centre with explanation about renewable energy and its benefits..

Following this, a short movie on renewable energy was screened along with snippets of the Hindi Movie ‘Swadesh’ explaining the generation of electricity through water. 

A training session on water conservation and rain water harvesting was organized for students’ .The training session focused on why there is a need to conserve water and how doing so indirectly conserves energy. Following the session, the children took part in a hands-on activity of making rain water harvesting model. Demonstration on solar car and potato clock was also given.

The students experienced the potential of solar energy in various spheres of life as they enjoyed rides in solar cars. The main idea that was put across was the need to explore alternate sources of renewable energy to reduce the burden on fast depleting non-renewable ones. It generated awareness amongst students about availability of alternative avenues other than fossil fuels.

This visit was aimed at inculcating an understanding of protecting biodiversity, developing a feeling of ownership of the earth amongst the children. Such visits are very crucial as tomorrow the children will be taking over as guardians of our planet. They must be sensitized today for them to be considerate tomorrow.