Tibetan medicine is a kind of unique medical system which combines the medical and health experience of Tibetan people with the quintessence of traditional Chinese medicine and Indian and Arabic medicine is becoming popular in India and world wide.
“Tibetan medicine which is part of the Tibetan culture is becoming popular form of holistic medicine world wide as well as in India . Tibetan medicine is a healing system originating in Tibet, incorporating medical knowledge from India, China, Persia and Greece. The Tibetan medical practice is believed to be over 5000 years old, spanning throughout areas of Central Asia, and more recently Europe and North America. In contrast to biomedicine , Tibetan medicine views the patient holistically, focusing on a number of moral, physical, spiritual and emotional factors in treatment.” Said Mr. Tashi Tsering Puri, , Director Development Manager Men-Tsee-Khang, The Tibetan medical and astro institute , Dharmasala.

“In India, Tibetan medicine is increasingly emerging as a viable alternative to other systems of medicine as it is a comprehensive medical system which integrates Yoga, therapies, acupuncture. More over Dissatisfaction with biomedicine has attracted patients who are not Buddhist or Tibet-affiliated, but may have tried other treatments unsuccessfully.” Puri added.

“Tibetan medicine offers highly defined and relevant models with which we can enrich our modern views of healing. These include a model of holistic medicine, a model of psychosomatic medicine, a model of mental and psychic healing, an ethical model of the healer, and a model for using illness to develop wisdom.” Said Said Geshe Dorji Damdul, Director Tibet house, New Delhi which has organised a Five day 2015 A Five day Conference and Exhibition titled Tibetan Medical System and Astro-Science with a theme “Awakening the Sanctity of Life: Healing Mind, Healing Body,”,which opened on October 23 at Tibet House, Lodhi Road.

“Tibetan medicine can offer much to current Indian public health issues, in the same way that acupuncture and yoga are finding a niche in society, and promoting well-being and stress relief. Stress being a well-known cause of many common ailments, it also plays a key role in serious diseases and disorders. Tibetan medicine promotes proper health through relaxation techniques, exercise, sleep and diet, all known to play a role in countering stress.” Damdul said.

“Interest in traditional medicines like Tibetan and Ayurveda are renewing and growing exponentially due to the adverse drug reactions and economic burden associated with modern system of medicine. Integration of Tibetan traditional medicine with ayurveda and allopathy, especially in the treatment of lifestyle diseases and post operative care receive more attention In recent times, the interest in tradional medicines has led to Scientists researching and evaluating herbs. Doctors are integrating ayurveda and yoga into mainstream allopathic medicine, giving rise to ‘Integrative Medicine’, a new approach to medicine and healthcare that rests on building synergies between traditional and modern medicine.” He said.

“The five day exhibition on Budhist traditional medicine and astro science is being organised In a bid to preserve and showcase the rich dynamic medical heritage of the world and promote awareness about the. The five day program shall include guest lectures, a seminar with experts from various medical traditions, exhibitions and workshops, the creation of a Medicine Buddha sand mandala, cultural shows and screenings, The major highlight shall be free health and Astrology consultancy by experts and Tibetan food stalls . The programme will also serve as a platform for medical diagnosis and the sale of herbal medical products.” Said Geshe Dorji Damdul, Director Tibet house, New Delhi.

“The three main objectives of the conference are to explore the various methods of improving mental health, to exchange the ideas of different approaches and identify the common aim in the context of improving the human psychology by bringing the different religious and mental systems together on one platform,” said Damdul.

Men-Tsee-Khang, The Tibetan medical and astro Scinece institute has Five Tibetan traditional treatment clinics in Delhi at Majnu ka Tilla, Nizamudin, Lajpat Nagar Rohini and Budhist Vihar near ISBT . Men-Tsee-Khang has 50 branch clinics in 15 of the Indian States across India.