Celebrating the 70th Year of Independence with GREENOTHON in Dwraka

milay azaadi pollution se!, 

milay azaadi kachre se!,

Greenlco Eco Foundation’s GREENOTHON, aimed to raise awareness about air pollution and promote cycling as a means of transport was organized on the eve of Independence Day on 14th August,2016.

Sixty Nine years of independence have gone by but, the nation is grappling with a struggle for a pollution-free country. Roadside garbage heaps, uncovered overflowing drains, toxic air, unavailability of open grounds are just to name a few.
Freedom, quintessentially, is the right to live with dignity and breathe with purity. The right to live and grow in physically and mentally sound surroundings with basic amenities resides with every individual. On a personal frontier, Greenothon is an endeavor to amalgamate the essence of freedom with that of the mandate to prosper in clean surroundings. GREENOTHON has been encouraging people of all age groups to run and cycle for a breath of fresh air as well as to keep a check on hygiene & cleanliness.
To celebrate this contemporary meaning of freedom and social responsibility, people enrolled in overwhelmingly large numbers. From cycling enthusiasts to national level cyclists and kids of all age group, accompanied by their families to support the cause with great zeal. The cycling run was flagged off by Mrs. Shashi Tomar, Councillor, Dwarka at 7:00 am from Central Park, Sector 13 B Dwarka and moved towards Sectors 17,18,9,71,3,4,6,11,12,13,14 and back. The Cycling Federation of India too supported the initiative. Hundreds of cycllists cycled their way with the tricolor on clean roads and green lanes. The heavy rain did not deter the participants from cycling. The tracks were swept off all the garbage and flanked by directional arrows. Safety and traffic issues were taken care of by the generously supportive Delhi Traffic Police .
The founder of Greenlco, Mr. Kapil Kishore Saxena says ,”We, the citizens of this country pollute and litter our surroundings, therefore, it is our duty to strengthen the initiative of the Government by lending public support.” He wants to spread this movement throughout Delhi and support the Swachh Bharat Movement.