Response from Delhi Metro

Thanks Delhi Metro for the response

Dear Sir,

Ref : Your e-mail dated 10 Sep 2009
With reference to your letter following is furnished below

1. X-ray scanners are being procured in a phased manner and installation of X-ray machines is already under progress

2. Commuters can verify transactions on Public Information Display System available at ticket counters at the time of purchasing token. Further, token value is again displayed at Automatic Fare Collection gates at the time of entry. However, suitable measure are taken by DMRC including checking cash & penalizing/recalling staff concerned, if required.

3. Your complaint regarding a/c non effective has been forwarded to the concerned authorities for necessary action. For the convenience of metro commuters DMRC 24×7 helpline no. has been displayed at all customer care centres.

4. Further, we would like to inform you that new trains are being procured to ease out the problem & train configuration/train frequency will be reviewed on receipt of additional rakes.

5. New feeder buses are being procured. Your suggestion has been noted by concerned authorities & shall be implemented in a phased manner.

6. Your complaint regarding passenger information display was checked at some stations and found no abnormality. However, your complaint has been forwarded to the concerned authorities for necessary action.

7. Dustbins have been removed from platforms on the advise of security agencies. However, your complaint has been forwarded to the concerned authorities for necessary action.

8. Public convenience & drinking water facility (at nominal charges) have been provided at most of the stations. However, where public conveniences have not been provided, staff toilets can be used by commuters.

9. Metro website is updated regularly. However, your complaint has been forwarded to the concerned authorities for necessary action.

10. You are requested to provide specific area so that matter can be taken up concerned authorities.

11. Efforts are being made to operate parking efficiently. Regarding security, you are requested to provide specific stations so that matter can be taken up concerned authorities.

Assuring you of our best services.

Thanking you for patronizing our services.
Yours sincerely
(Mahender Singh)
Public Complaints Officer
Delhi Metro

Based on suggestions/ complaints received from Dwarka residents at
Dwarka & Dwarka Forum .

1) X-ray luggage screening machine should be provided at more Metro Stations for quick & smooth checking.

2) Although almost every regular passenger use Smart Card for easy hassle free travel. But for new visitors token is the only option. We are receiving complaints about wrong billing/ undervalue tokens to visitors from other states. Some times creating a hot discussion and inconvenience to all passengers. This should be checked strongly for good value/ faith in Delhi Metro.

3) Many times A/C is not effective in the train.
– One helpline no. must be displayed inside train for general problem like non functioning of A/C, health problems, cleanliness etc. This will certainly help Delhi Metro for providing world class services.

4) At least two coaches should be added urgently and time should be reduced to two minutes in peak hours. One coach should be reserved for Senior citizens, handicapped and ladies to avoid pathetic condition of them in office hours.

5) Metro feeder buses should be introduced at more stations and frequency be increased.

6) Digital information display not working at many stations and giving wrong information. This should be strictly checked in routine.

7) Dust bin ( bullet proof ) can be provided at station to avoid dust/ garbage at tracks.

8) Public convenience, drinking water can be provided near parking area at major business stations.

9) Some link on Delhi Metro website not active, please update it urgently.

10) Chain snatching incidents in Dwarka is increasing everyday. These incidents generally happen near path from Metro station towards various sectors in Dwarka. These path is lonely, darkness, large bushes that invites antisocial elements for crime. The passengers even rickshaw wala are afraid of going to Metro station after 8 PM.
Appreciate if you could take up this case with concerned authorities.

Citizens are with you to make DELHI METRO a world class.

Dwarka Parichay / Dwarka Forum