( 23rd August to 6th September, 2009 )

Jain community not only in India but in the whole world celebrates this parva annually for ten days to subdue all passion and lustful desires. On this occasion Dr. M. C. Jain, Secretary said that Das Lakshan Parva is celebrated in which ten universal virtues like forgiveness, contentment and self-restrain are venerated and worshipped for self-purification and uplift of the soul.

Jain Samaj Dwarka (Regd) celebrated “DasLakshan Parva” & “Kshama Vani Parva” in Dwarka from 23rd of August, to 6th September, 2009 .The idol of Bhagwan Shanti Nath ji was brought from the Shanti Nath Digmaber jain Mandir Palam New Delhi for ten days and the Jain community living in Dwarka and nearby areas celebrated this Parva . There was daily Pooja , Prakshal in the forenoon apart from regular discourse of Jain scriptures by learned Pandit ji (Shastri Ji) .In the evening the devotees offered Aarti , Pravachan and quiz programs . Special attraction of the function were Dhoop Dashmi ,Anant Charudashi and Kshama Vani Parva. According to Dr. M. C. Jain, Secretary, “when the auspicious month of ‘Bhadrapad’ comes every year , the whole Jain community celebrates this festival without any difference of high and low , rich and poor.

Both the sects of Jain, Digambars and Swetambars, celebrate the self uplifting festival with great enthusiasm”. The concluded day of the function was Kshama Vani Parva which carries a message to all living and non-living creatures in the world asking forgiveness for the deeds done either knowingly or unknowingly, was celebrated followed by cultural programme presented by Jain Mahila Mandal .In Dwarka this was the fifth year of celebration which was attended by more than 300 families. This was the endeavor of the members of the Jain Samaj to bring the harmony, peaceful co-existence and brotherhood amongst the Jain community.

The members expressed their views /suggestions for the betterment of the Samaj and felt the need to have a Jain Mandir in Dwarka which will further enhance the prestige and legacy of the Samaj. Sh. R.P.Jain President, presented a vote of thanks.