Deteriorating Law and Order situation in Dwarka

Chain Snachings, Molesting, Robbery …..

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It is an established fact that DWARKA has become breeding ground ofCrimes.
I am a resident of Pocket-7, Sector -12 and in the evening it is verydifficult to reach up to my pocket.
Reason : this pocket is last pocket on the way from Ashirwad chowkto Sector -19 and isoloated. For all the drinkers OR the white callerperons who carry girls in the car for amusement, park their cars inthe service lane approaching to the Pocket and do what ever theylike.
Not to ask for the woman or chiledren can walk in that lane after thedusk but a family person like me can not dare to ask them to give sidefor my car to go through that service lane. Every week 1-2 incidnetshappens that I come out of the car and pray them to give me the wayto reach home. Please include my problem also when you refer to the authorities.
Thanking you, Sunil Upadhyay

Sitting in our cosy-cosy rooms we just detach our life from these incidents or accidents because it has caused no harms to our near and dear ones. It is a big mistake. If we are living in the same society you never know who can be the next target of these crimes.More over such incidents will create an atmosphere of distrust in public life. Varsha Sharma

Chain snatching topic you have mentioned but molesting topic should also be highlighted generally people are shy of complaining this sort of matter but these cases are also quite a number in Dwarka done by speeding bikes.

Proposed letter
Mrs.Shalini singh
Dy.Commissioner of PoliceSouth West Zone
CC: Shri Y.S. Dadwal, Commissioner of Police
Sub: Deteriorating Law & Order situation in Dwarka
Respected Madam,
Incidents of chain snatching have become a routine phenomenon entire Dwarka. Everyday, Dwarka Forum members are reporting such incidents from different parts of Dwarka such as in Sectors 1, 10, 12& 19. Some of the incidents have already been reported to Police but it appears that the snatchers have no fear of authorities at all.
On behalf of Dwarka Forum, we request you to kindly give necessary instructions to concerned officers to take immediate & effective deterrent action. Dwarka citizens would be grateful.
Thanking you
Yours Sincerely
Mahesh Tak

Although my wife & I are in USA vacationing with our children- daughter & family in New Jersey and son & wife in Chicago, I make it a point to go through my mails everyday to keep myself updated. Dwarka , like any other place in Delhi, has become insecure -prone to way- laying , robbery , etc. policing has been lax. There is a need to resident associations to associate with individuals like you to highlight the need to improve security of the sub-city . We need to highlight the prevaling law & order situation at the highest level to authority that matters . We must also get each CGHS management to make a joint petition on the prevailing law & order situation, the police inertia resulting in increase in dacoity, thefts & the insecure environment Dwarka residents are placed with. If the quality of life in Dwarka sub-city has to improve, every CGHS & residents have to raise their voice and extend you – Rejimon ,the support. If we do not act now & force law & order to take action, our security will be in peril. V.Krishnamurthy

Letter sent on 7 Aug. 2008
Mrs.Shalini singh
Dy.Commissioner of PoliceSouth West
Respected Madam,
We are sorry to inform you that incidents of chain snatching has become a routine incidents in entire Dwarka.On daily basis we are receiving complaints from various parts of Dwarka.Some of them have already been reported to police but it appears that the snatchers have no fear at all.On behalf of the Forum an online group(approx.1300 members) I request you to kindly give necessary instruction to concerned officer to take immediate action on this front to have relief. Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours faithfully
Sushil Kumar

Today ( 7 Aug.) at about 6.45 two motorbike riders snatched gold chain from a lady who was entering sector one pocket one. They did the act so silently that lady could not know that her chain had been taken away. Then the snatcher showed her the chain and then they fled towards mahavir vihar. call was made to 100. They came they saw and left.
The law and order situation is going from bad to worse. What can we do ? Chander mohan

This is increasing day by day..?.There seems to be gang..!!
The PCR and Motor Cycle Patrolling needs to strengthen along with Traffic Inspectors.
The last press bulletin released of the Delhi police is attached here with from and reproduced below of relevant.
From this is what we understand either these guys were out or some other gangs..
Can some one draft a good email to ? we will discuss /share here and send it to CP by Friday evening..
Media is also shared with this info and promised to cover ..let put share and ALERT ALL residents of Dwarka.. Those who got Mobile camera please use and record any suspected moments …
thax, Rejimon

Such incidents should be reported to the higher police authorities such as ACP and only then the police will come to know about these unfortunate incidents and the bike number etc. Think, so far, no body has sent any mail to any police officer.M K Gupta

I feel with this much information police should be able to track thebike at least if the number has 8542 somewhere its a bike black incolor and perhaps bullet.. Krishna

I think, we need to upraise the media about this repeatedly happening in Dwarka.
So I would suggest :
1. Request, Swati (Dwarka Plus), Ashish (HT West Delhi) , Sinha (Dwarka City) and Sanjay (Dwarka Parichay) to highlight this in the weekend edition with views from all.2. We will write to Commissioner of Police and copy to DCP South West and DCP PCR for proper monitoring along with JCP Traffic for better Traffic Policing in Dwarka. There is major lapse on the part of Traffic Police, Patrolling Staffs and Beat Constables.
3. Any other options ???
ALWAYS USE DIALING 100 number…to inform any incidents,, as this goes on recording.
Rejimon C K

Chain snatching is becoming quite common again! My wife said, day beforeyesterday morning, one of our neighbors chain was snatched just in frontof our society and 4/5 days back chain was snatched from another lady whowas in a rickshaw. This happened in front my neighboring society i.e. Plot14, Sector 12. M Jayaraman

I am in sector 10. While I was coming back from my office from the Golak Dham side., two slim boys in a motorcycle snatched something from an old lady and immediately fled towards sector 19. While old lady was lying on the ground and I tried to chase them but they vanished in seconds. I tried to look for cops in sector 10 where they keep barricades on the roads but no one was available. Varsha Sharma

I salute you Madam for your courage and willingness to contribute ur best in eradicating the crime from delhi in general and dwarka in particular. In such a situation you could have called on number 100 and the PCR van must have been there within 5 minutes. You should have contacted the girl whom the miscreants has molested. infact the said girl only can now lodge the complaint. It may also be noted that now the complaint would not carry the same vigor as it could have, had it been made immediately after occurrence of the incident.
Regards, Ashok Chaitanya

Dear All Today (6 Aug) while I was cycling I saw a guy coming on a bike which seemed tobe bullet black in colour. I could see only the number which was 8542as he went in a speed after molesting a girl in between Park Royal andSector 9 Pkt 2 lane and fled fast. I could see the number of the bikewhen he fled. Must be chain snatcher also as I do not know if he hadsnatched the chain also. I thought to see if any PCR van was nearbybut I could not find any from Park Royal , neither in front of ITL orSector – 9 as I went the whole of sector – 9 in my bicycle but couldnot find any.Can any action be taken on him and how?How can Delhi be safe?

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