Janmashtmi celebrated in JM International school

The students of JM International school presented a ballet “Krishna-The Saviour” on feet tapping musical score on the occasion of Janmashtami fest organised by the Iskcon Society.The stories of Krishna portray him in various perspectives as a Super human, a Prankster, a model lover, a divine hero and the Supreme Being. Shri Krishna is an adorable heart throb, smart, practical, charming having incredible philosophies of handling life. Our ballet “Krishna- the Saviour” portrayed him as a protector who testifies the virtue of Karma above everything else to establish justice, love and peace in the world. The students won the “Best Team Spirit Award” by spell binding the audience. The mesmerizing ballet production proved to be a divine and soulful experience for everyone present in the auditorium. The ballet production showcased art in the form of dance that had the audiences glued to their seats. It proved to be an amalgamation of art, culture and Indian heritage.