Citizens discussed better Traffic Management & Public Transportation in Dwarka

Active residents of Dwarka met on 2nd Feb and discussed about better Traffic Management & Public Transportation in Dwarka. Shobhit Chauhan, Akshay Sagar, Ranjanam,Manish and Sanyam Gupta from Ek Sangharsh NGO along with Sushil Kumar, Anil K Rajput, Sunil Sareen,Deep Narayan Jha from Dwarka Forum discussed about various issues of Traffic Management & Public Transportation in Dwarka.

Suggestions for Improvement of Public Transportation in Dwarka:

1. DTC had started a Circular Bus Service in Dwarka about 3-4 years back which turned out to be a huge failure because nobody used it for a number of reasons. Mainly due to wrong route and it being only Air Conditioned services. So now it won’t be easy to convince DTC for a dedicated bus service. So, it was suggested to make minor changes in routes of the buses which are already going through periphery of Dwarka, to start with.

2. In long-run,  to press for a dedicated bus service for Dwarka. This bus service must coven all metro stations as for as feasible. For this, feedback from the residents on requirement of public transport.

3. It was also suggested to install Time Resource System (TRS) at all bus-stops to display real-time arrival time of various buses. This would be linked with GPS installed in buses. The cost of this system is not very high and can be worked out in Public Partnership Model.

Suggestions for better Traffic Management :
1. Removal of Bus Stop from Palam –Dwarka flyover :
The bus-stop on Palam-Dwarka flyover is defeating the entire purpose of this flyover. The passengers who board the bus from this flyover have to climb up the stairs to reach there. So why can’t they board the bus from down itself? It will also benefit the senior citizens and physically unfits passengers.

2. Permanent Remedy for Stop-Line Violation and Pedestrian Safety:
It is commonly observed that all vehicles cross the stop line and there is no place left for the pedestrians to cross the road. It was suggested to install the traffic signal before the stop-line and remove the second signal across the road on the same side. This will force drivers to stop much before the stop line thus leaving enough space for safe movement of pedestrians.

3. Police Presence:
It was suggested that the policemen should not hide behind nooks and corners to catch the offenders and instead be present out on the road in full visibility to act as a deterrent for the offenders. 

It was suggested that the Drivers should Switch off the Headlights or Lower the beam as they approach the Police Picket. Also suggested was to ask drivers to switch on the Cabin Light. This will facilitate the checking of vehicles and the process will become faster as Policemen can easily see through the vehicle without actually stopping them and checking the interiors using a torch or something.

The group, after a successful and fruitful discussion, decided to meet again and do the needful after working out the above-mentioned points or as and when needed.