Community leaders training workshop organised by SSA

A two days workshop (20th and 21st November) was organized at SKV Girls School, Palam Enclave under Sarva Sikhsa Abhiyaan , S/W Distt Nazafgarh zone 21 Palam-Dwarka School Vidyalaya Kalyan Samiti (VKS), PTA members. The theme was “Community leaders training workshop” and started from 9.00 AM to 12.00. Many representatives from schools ( VKS members, PTA members and local social organizations) were invited at workshop. Some of the main invitees include Sh. Naresh Lamba ( Chairman VKS GBSSSchool Shahabad Mohd Pur, Member Delhi Team-Bhagidari), Sh. Kuldeep Solanki (Chairman Palam Colony School VKS ) , Sh. Pratap Chaudhary ( Chairman Mahrauli road School Palam VKS), Sh. Pokarmal, Sh. Mahesh Sharma, Sh. Hari Om Gupta (President Palam Extn. RWA) and about 60 representative from various schools.

On the first day of workshop officers from SSA Sh. Jang Bahadur ( Dy Director Distt S/W), Sh. K Shetrapal (DURC SSA), Sh. B.S.Solanki(CCRC SSA, Sh. Jagdish Sharma (CRCC SSA), Sh. K.K. Bharduaj (CCRC SSA), Smt. O. Meslewre Singh (Principal SKV Girls School Palam Enclave), Sh. HetraPal(Vice Principal GBSS School Raj Nagar-1) informed about scholarships, handicap Scholarship, Ladli Yojna, Mid-Day meal, VKS FUND.

Dy. Director Sh. Jang Bahadur suggested VKS, PTA and school representatives to work in unison with school administration for better results.

On the second day Sh. K.K. Bharduaj discussed about moral and sex education with school representatives. At question session Sh. Naresh Lamba raised the pathetic condition of toilets in schools. He said that in about 90% Govt. Schools due to lack of proper water arrangement the filthy smell from toilets is a health hazards for students. He also pointed for low level water tank for drinking water at schools. The non availability of printed copy of citizen charter book, officers, office contacts for future reference by PTA, VKS members lacks objectives of the workshop.

Sh. Kuldeep Singh appealed to parents and representatives to visit regularly to school and ask students about other problems and inform to school administration.

Sh. Hari Om Gupta said that during 5-6 years many facilities are added in schools and appealed school administration to use these facilities form Government.